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T-Bone Speaks: Tearing down DSO Stigmas with Dr. Craig Lambourne
                        I’m pleased to welcome Dr. Craig Lambourne from  onto the podcast.Dr. Lambourne graduated from the University of Southern California and obtained his DDS degree in 2015. He currently works as a dentist in Granbury Dental Care in Texas, which is a practice that focuses on a...  Read More
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T-Bone Speaks: Starting In Practice: The Millennial Perspective
Starting In Practice: The Millennial PerspectiveIn this week’s episode of T-Bone Speaks I meet with  from Clarksville, Tennessee.Zach graduated in 2016 and joined his Dad’s practice as an associate directly out of school. Challenges with joining the family practiceWe jumped into our discussion by...  Read More
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536 Implant Dentistry, Don’t Get Left Behind! with Taylor Kim : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here                                    VIDEO - DUwHF #536 - Taylor Kim                        Stream Audio here                                    AUDIO - DUwHF #536 - Taylor Kim                        Dr. Taylor Kim is a general dentist with a passion for implant dentistry.  He is a...  Read More
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513 Placing Implants with Raquel Zita Gomes : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #513 - Raquel Zita Gomes Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #513 Raquel Zita Gomes Academic Qualifications:Graduated Dentist by the Faculty of Dental...  Read More
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282 Epic Implantology with Carl Misch : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Stream Audio here AUDIO - HSP #282 - Carl Misch Watch Video here VIDEO - HSP #282 - Carl Misch Learn implantology from the legend, Dr. Carl Misch, in this epic, two and a half hour...  Read More
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6 Advantages of Dental Implants
For those of you who still do not know of this dental technology, dental implants is the best option there is when it comes to missing lost teeth. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants are being hooked into the bones of the teeth and are being placed permanently. When using dental implants, no...  Read More
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Taking command of your implant restorations.
Taking command of your implant restorations.-Where to start, case management and team communication on implant systems.Dr. David Hornbrook talks with Steve T. (Lab Manager) at Keating Dental Arts about diagnosing dental implant restorative cases. For more information on Dental implants visit our...  Read More
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Are Dental Implants Rights for You?
If you’ve lost a tooth due to accident or due to advanced periodontal disease, you may have been considering getting a dental implant and are wondering if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.Read below to learn who is – and isn’t – a good candidate when it comes...  Read More
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No Employees, Life Is Good! with Dr. Gigi Huynh a.k.a. 'tinker-bell' : Howard Speaks Podcast #31
When Dr. Huynh’s employees quit on her, she realized she didn’t need them.  Listen as Dr. Howard Farran interviews one of Dentaltown’s favorite townies about practicing solo, the perfect alginate impression, and much more!Listen to the Show on iTunes to listen on iTunesListen to the Audio Here: ...  Read More
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Excuse My Venting - Dealing with Restorative-Surgeon Implant Error
Please excuse my rant and don’t misunderstand my intention. Also, I am not saying that this is ALL relationships, but this is reflective of quite a few relationships between general dentists and specialists.My intention here is not to throw any specific person, specialty profession, etc under...  Read More
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