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Natural Foods to Eat after Getting Your Braces

Natural Foods to Eat after Getting Your Braces

2/15/2017 4:29:34 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 197
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Eating can be a daunting task after a visit to your dental orthodontist. Reason being that you want to protect your braces but you still want to enjoy your foods and eat right. You want to eat such that you prevent tooth decay, protect your brackets and bands from damage, not taking away your proper nutrition.

This article is written for you if you find yourself in this state or you plan to get your braces soon.

Foods to Eat

Dairy products will always come handy especially the really soft cheese, yoghurts and milkshakes. As for lactose intolerant people, they have the option of the coconut milk or soya based dairy.

Whole grains are an essential part of our diet. It is important to toss in nuts, oatmeal, seeds and the like. Soft bread made from wheat flour is ideal so are cereals for this period.

Let’s not leave out our proteins, they come as eggs, seafood, poultry, tofu and beans.  Eggs are easy to chew and seafood as well. It is advised to go for tender cuts of meat for easy chew.

Desserts such as sherbets and sweet smoothies can be taken but you better be easy on the really sweet and sticky gooey stuff as it can erode your orthodontia fix. Sweets and puddings should be taken in moderation because sugar is always the culprit for tooth decay. It makes absolute sense to do away with as much as possible.

Soup is an all-time comfort food. It is hearty and warm and you get to have wholesome nutrients without having to chew. Soups can be jazzed up with minced proteins or really soft pasta and seafood.

Mashed potatoes cannot be left out. A plate of yummy and fluffy mashed potatoes with a dollop of butter, egg and dairy will not make you feel left out . You can even venture to have mashed sweet potatoes, or cauliflower with soft cooked beans.

You need fruits too

Pineapples are a perfectly teeth chummy fruit because they have healing properties. Pineapples are often recommended for patients undergoing surgery and oral repair isn't left out. This is so because of the collagen which is a body building material found in the basis of bone and overall blood vessel and skin formation. Pineapples help fight oral cancers and ease inflammations.

Watermelon is here to stay too. It replenishes the enamel and the good news is it does not stick to it. It simply leaves your breath feeling fresh and clean.

Kiwis are simply amazing. A serving of this fruit will give you even more than your recommended Vitamin C daily intake. It is Vitamin C overload. It prevents your gums from deteriorating

Drink water

Water is not really food but of course, it does wonders. It helps keeps your "oral community" hydrated. It makes sure you have a steady supply of saliva which regulates the bacteria in your mouth.  Lowly but important water helps wash down food trapped in your braces making it more difficult for the bacteria to have stuff to feed on.

Do you take the recommended 8 glasses a day?

Get Creative

While it seems like braces are a menace you are on a journey to correcting your dentition and it is really not that bad when you talk to other people in your "braces". Ask how they go about mixing and matching the foods approved by their orthodontist.

Draw up a timetable; for instance, your homemade apple puree can go on a bowl of yoghurt. Have soft cooked beans in your soup with crab/fish cakes is absolutely a yes dish! Puree your favourite fruits and vegetables and use them as toppings or incorporate them in soups.

You can have fruit kebabs and have friends come over and you will be having a feast at the family dinner as well. As you heal up on this journey, try not to deprive your body of nutrients.

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