The Happy Flosser RDH
The Happy Flosser RDH
The path to becoming a dental hygienist is a challenging journey. There is such a vast amount of information that you need to know to be successful.
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#120: Dental Caries: Risk, Treatment, and prevention
One of the major diseases we help patients to manage is dental caries (tooth decay). As a student, you will learn all about the formation of enamel. As a clinician, you will need to know all the ways in which dental caries can be managed to help your patients combat the disease.  Understand the...  Read More
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Paradigm Shift In Caries Treatment
Making The Transition from School To Private Practice
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Motivation #1: Maslow Hierarchy of needs
Categories: Hygiene, Prevention
The History of Fluoride
Categories: Prevention
Providing Culturally Competent Care
Interprofessional Collaboration
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