Digital Dental Marketing for New Patient Acquisition
Digital Dental Marketing for New Patient Acquisition
Demystifying social media marketing, local seo, and paid search advertising for your dental practice.
Chris Barnard

Google+ Is Officially Dead…Here's What Dentists Need To Do
Google+ Is Done Back in October of 2018 Google announced it was ““ Google+ – their failed experiment of a social media platform – for consumers.Despite how , or didn’t, the bottom line is that if you ever used it, whether personal or as your dental practice, you’ll want to be aware of some...  Read More
How Do Dentists Remove Fake Google Reviews?
How Do Dentists Remove Fake Google Reviews? By having a  in place, by responding to every review, and by taking the appropriate steps to remove the fake review while also cultivating positive reviews from existing patients, with consistency. We'll examine that review system and the steps involved...  Read More
5 Steps for Dentists to Dominate Google Maps
How Can Dentists Dominate Google Maps?Google Maps leads new patients to your office every single day – whether you know it or not. But in order for dentists to dominate Google Maps, there are certain things you must do to make sure Google can find your dental practice when patients go a...  Read More
Google My Business Descriptions Are Back…For Some Dentists
Google Adds Business Descriptions In Google My Business & Local Knowledge Panel Are you a dentist concerned with what your Google My Business listing says about your practice?Not the , office hours, categories, or other such important attributes of your dental-centric Google My Business listing,...  Read More
How Dentists Say Thank You for Google Reviews
Dentists Give Thanks for Google ReviewsHow do you say thank you to patients who so generously take the time to leave you a?Google My Business has released a new tool for doing just that, it’s calledSmall Thanks with Google.Now dentists – and virtually all businesses with– can...  Read More
Google My Business Posts For Dentists: The Ultimate Guide
What Are GooglePosts?Google Posts are a new way to market to patients & prospective patients (people searching for you on Google) through your Google My Business listing.Google Posts are offers, content, events, or highlights about your practice published – via Google My Business (not...  Read More
Do You Own Your Google My Business Listing?
Dentists Can Now Resolve Google My Business Ownership ConflictsIf you've ever encountered a Google My Business listing for your dental practice which was owned by some other dentist...or worse, you can now rest easy with this recent news out of the Googleplex.Back in March, Google began rolling out...  Read More
How Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update Will Affect Your Dental Practice Local Rankings
Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update Affect Your Dental Practice LocalRankings?In case you missed it; social media, local search, & mobile integration all play nice together.You may have even missed the often overused (guilty as charged here) industry jargon...  Read More
Scam Alert: Google Is NOT Calling Your Dental Practice
Dentists Get Duped By Scam Calls Claiming to Be GoogleNo, in all likelihoodGoogle is NOTcalling your dental practice.The more likely situation is, those scam robocalls you’re receiving are from (rather unscrupulous) marketing & advertising companies preying onunsuspecting business owners...  Read More

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