Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
How to perform dentistry faster, easier, higher in quality and lower in cost.
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1220 Don't Go To Dental School! By Alessandro G. Bartoletti DMD, FAGD : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Bartoletti was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. He spent his sophomore year of high school in Bologna, Italy, where he briefly shadowed his uncle, a general dentist there. After attending Dickinson College, he worked for two years and then was accepted to Temple University’s School of...  Read More
1219 Romero Dental Seminars by Mario Romero DDS, Associate Professor Dental College of Georgia : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Mario Romero is an Associate Professor and Director of the Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program at The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University; he is a 1995 graduate from the University of Guayaquil School of Dentistry in his native country of Ecuador. VIDEO - DUwHF #1219 -...  Read More
1161 Dr. Les Kalman BSc, DDS, (AA)FAAID, DICOI, Professor, Restorative Dentistry, Dental Outreach Community Service : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Les completed a BSc (Hon) & DDS at Western followed by a GPR at the London Health Sciences Centre. He maintained a full-time solo private practice with an emphasis on digital dentistry, prosthodontics and medical device research while continuing hospital privileges at Strathroy-Middlesex...  Read More
413 Easier, Faster, Better Dentistry with Steven Goldstein : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #413 - Steven Goldstein Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #413 - Steven Goldstein About Dr. Steven Goldstein:Education & BackgroundDr. Steven...  Read More
200 Restorative Dentistry with Mike DiTolla : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - HSP #200 - Michael DiTolla Watch Video here: VIDEO - HSP #200 - Michael DiTolla Mike shares thoughts on single visit dentistry vs 2 visit, common dentist...  Read More
A Composite King with Dr. Terry Shaw : Howard Speaks Podcast #63
Dr. Terry Shaw from Perth-Andover, in New Brunswick, Canada, has been placing composite since 1984.  Listen as he shares advice on composite bridges, composite crowns, composite rehabs, why you don't need pins with composite and why you don't need liners & bases under composite.Stream Audio Here: ...  Read More
Dentistry Update with Dr. Gordon Christensen : Howard Speaks Podcast #45
Dr. Gordon Christensen delves into CBCT, CAD-CAM, lasers, amalgams vs resins in 2015 and beyond!Stream Audio Here:                                                                                                                                                                  HSP #45 with Gordon...  Read More
How Are You Bonding? with Dr. David Hornbrook : Howard Speaks Podcast #33
Dr. David Hornbrook shares exactly what systems he is using in his high-end, cosmetic practice today. From generations of bonding systems to soft tissue lasers, tissue retraction and adhesive cements, Dr. Hornbrook shares the best of the best.  Also hear his list of the Top 5 dental manufacturers...  Read More
Comprehensive Mentorship in Interdisciplinary Study Clubs with Dr. Paresh Shah : Howard Speaks Podcast #15
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Paresh Shah discuss the evolution of a comprehensive care dentists: trials, tribulations and successes.Audio Podcast:                                                                                                Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #15 with Dr. Paresh Shah       ...  Read More
Incomparable Control through CAD-CAM with Dr. Mike Kelliher : Howard Speaks Podcast #11
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Mike Kelliher talk about the impact of CAD/CAM dentistry in the general practice.Audio Podcast:                                    Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #11 with Dr. Mike Kelliher                        Video Podcast:                                    Howard Speaks...  Read More
99.99% Guided Implant Surgery with Dr. Jay Reznick : Howard Speaks Podcast #6
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Jay Reznick talk about oral surgery and the GP.Audio Podcast:                                                                                                Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #6 with Dr. Jay Reznick                                    Video Podcast:               ...  Read More
Agreeable Pediatric Dentistry with Dr. Josh Wren : Howard Speaks Podcast #4
Dr. Howard Farran and Josh Wren discuss the intricacies of pediatric dentistry.Audio Podcast:                                    Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #4 with Dr. Josh Wren                        Video Podcast:                                    Howard Speaks Video Podcast #4 with Dr. Josh...  Read More
The Death of the PFM and Digital Impression in 2014 with Dr. Mike 'The Man' DiTolla : Howard Speaks Podcast #1
Howard Farran and Mike DiTolla talk dentistry and porcelain crowns!Audio Podcast:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ...  Read More

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