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Choose the best water purifier for home for pure drinking water

Choose the best water purifier for home for pure drinking water

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When looking for important appliances at home. RO water purifier is counted as the mandatory appliance as it offers clean, healthy and pure drinking water. The best water purification technology followed in India is the RO water purification method. The best feature of this water purification method is that it eradicates heavy metals, salts and toxic chemicals from water. They remove germs and provide clean and healthy drinking water for individuals. Hence every home needs to have the best water purifier for home. 

Choose the best water purifier for home for pure drinking water

Water purifier ideas

Caring for the family members is mandatory and in that aspect, thoughtless decisions are to be avoided. Buying the best water purifier for home has several factors to be considered. Depending on the water quality in the arena, the water purifier is to be selected. Before getting to a conclusion aspects such as technologies used, price and reviews from other customers are to be read. Here are a few tips that can be followed to pick the best water purifier for home. 

Types of water purifiers

There are varied purification technologies available in the market today and understanding them is important to make a perfect decision. Based on the budget and water quality users can choose from UF (gravity-based), UV and RO water purifiers. Let’s glimpse through a few details about the technologies. 

Water quality

Before opting for a water purifier, the buyer needs to understand and check the water quality. When there is a high TDS level, salinity and hardness in the water at home, the user needs to opt for an RO water purifier. The key reason is that a semi-permeable membrane is available in RO water purifier. This semi-permeable membrane eradicates metals, dissolved salts as well as impurities from water. 

When the water has high TDS and is hard then users can opt for RO+UV water purifier technology. For users whose water TDS levels are low and also hard, RO water purifiers can work better. 

Gravity based water purifiers

The best water purifier that does not need power and is budget-friendly is the gravity-based water purifier. When TDS level in the area is lower, gravity-based water purifiers can opt. The key feature of this water purifier is that it removes chlorine, bacteria, cysts and dust from water. 

RO water purifiers

Areas that possess enhanced TDS levels can opt for water purifiers with RO purifiers. The best feature of an RO water purifier is that it can remove arsenic, heavy metals, toxic impurities and fluoride from water. 

UV water purifiers

A high powered UV lamp is used in a UV water purifier to eradicate the contaminants and disinfect the water. The UV water purifiers are a perfect choice for purification of Municipal Corporation and tap water. 

Activated carbon filter

Volatile organic chemicals, herbicides, chlorine, pesticides, trihalomethane, benzene, and other impurities can be removed efficiently with the help of activated carbon filter. These impurities are removed from the water as carbon is highly porous and avoids removal of dissolved solids.  

Storage capacity 

The storage capacity is the main factor that needs to be considered when purchasing a water purifier. For individuals living in areas that have frequent power cuts need to opt for a good storage capacity filled water purifier. In this type of system, the purification system starts once the purifier water level goes down. 


Water has contaminants such as dissolved pesticides, bacteria, lead and nitrate. When water is tested in the laboratory all these contaminants present in water can be identified. When the water at home has a high per cent of microbes and contaminants then a RO+UV+UF filtration is required. The feature of UV is that the water is irradiated and penetrates the virus and bacteria cells. By this way, the reproduction of the organisms is reduced. Multiplication of the organisms is ceased and they die. These contaminants and dead germs are removed employing the RO membrane and make it appropriate for drinking. 


The certification received by the brands is another important factor that needs to be checked while purchasing a water purifier. To know if the brand is trustworthy and authentic, reviews and certifications are to be checked timely. 

After sales and maintenance services 

After-sales and maintenance services are to be ensured before getting forward to purchase an RO water purifier system for the home. Apart from investing money in RO water purifiers you also need to check if they are provided with frequent maintenance services. 

Installation and warranty 

Many top brands offer free warranty for a year along with free installation. Buyers hence need to check on this aspect as few companies also charge for installation. Hence installation and warranty details are to be checked before purchasing a water purifier in person or online. 

Latest water purifiers

Apart from these, there is also the latest comprehensive multi-stage purification process that provides safe and clean drinking water. Such purifiers have ultrafine sediment filter, adsorbent pre carbon filter, superior RO wall, germ eliminator UV, ultimate ultra-filtration technology, post-carbon filter, and total dissolved solids filter. Such purifiers can be the ultimate technology that purifies water and makes is perfect for drinking. 


These are a few important factors that need to be considered when hunting for the best water purifier for home. There is more pollution around and choosing the best water purifier for home is an important chore that avoids diseases. These water purifiers are important as they remove all hazards and avoid health complications in the body. There are ample benefits from drinking RO water. RO water nourishes skin, boosts brain function, minerals and nutrients are accessible, boosts long and strong hair, and zero calories. 

Pure drinking water is essential for living a healthy and quality life. Water is the main source of living and drinking it clean is important. Though the environmental conditions and pollution play their role, there are ample useful water filters available with various technologies suited to customers to offer healthy and clean drinking water. Users can hence run through the different technologies of RO water purifiers and hence choose the best water purifier for home. 

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