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Orthodontists And Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontists And Orthodontic Treatments

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Are you looking to straighten your teeth? Perhaps you want that brilliant smile you just are not able to obtain through general dentist visits and teeth whitening? If so, the orthodontic treatments, are what you need to search for. There are different kinds of treatments, but all are designed at improving the alignment of your teeth. This way, you can feel much more confident about your smile and know you are always going to look great. Of course, there are different kinds of orthodontic treatments. so it is helpful to know what these different treatments are and how each one can improve your look.



To some, it might seem like braces is a one size fits all kind of treatment plan. This, however, is simply not true. There are many different forms of braces that can be used on a patient, no matter the age or what correction needs to be made. Naturally, you need to talk with your orthodontist in order to determine which option is right for you, but in general, there are a handful of different alternatives when it comes to braces. Braces are designed to correct a poor bite. This might range from a corset, open bite, overrate and other kinds of teeth and bite issues. Braces are also designed to improve crooked teeth. Usually, a bad bite and crooked teeth are one in the same, as one causes the other. There are times, on occasion, we're perfectly fine looking teeth might cause a problem with the jaw and are actually aligned improperly. Braces are designed to correct this sort of a situation. Metal braces are the traditional format of braces and the most common. With metal braces, you can select the color of the elastic bands, so it can showcase your own, personal style. With the braces though, your teeth are fitted with metal brackets, and the elastic bands are tightened throughout the treatment process, which in turn brings the teeth towards the corrected alignment. The overall duration of the treatment process does vary, depending on both how your teeth respond and the starting alignment. Clear braces are another option as well. Clear braces still have brackets on the front of your teeth and function in the exact same way as metal braces, only these are much less noticeable. These can cost a bit more than metal braces, but if you'd rather not have it as noticeable, this option is extremely desirable. Beyond this, you can even look into invisible braces. Now, invisible braces are different from your regular metal or even clear braces. Instead, this uses more of a mouthguard style of corrective alignment. A series of molds are taken of your teeth, each one with a slightly corrective alignment used to improve your teeth while your wear the teeth. As one orthodontic treatments in Brea, this works extremely well. You can even take the mold off of your teeth while you eat, so it allows you to maintain the very best brushing and flossing habits. Now, not everyone can use this kind of corrective option, depending on what the starting condition is, but if you are able to use this sort of orthodontic treatment, it is a valuable alternative. 


Many people are required to wear a retainer after the conclusion of braces. You might just need to wear the retainer and never actually have braces at all. There are different reasons as to why you might need this kind of treatment, but it is there to improve your teeth and prevent your teeth from reverting back to its older state. Often times, you need to wear the retainer at night, as the majority of teeth grinding occurs at night, which can push your teeth back to the former state. A retainer slips into your mouth and around your teeth and uses both plastic and metal to maintain the shape of your teeth. It is very important for you to follow your orthodontist's instructions when it comes to when you need to wear the retainer and how often. Most likely the last thing you want to do is have the braces placed back onto your teeth because it returned to its previous form. 

Partial Orthodontic Treatment

Of all the different orthodontic treatments, you may only need a partial treatment. Sometimes, there is only a single tooth that is misaligned, or perhaps there are only a few, but the rest are in perfect position. This is called a partial treatment, or limited treatment and does not require a full set of braces. This often goes along with other dental procedures. Perhaps you need a dental implant or restoration to take place, so when this is done, it can correct your limited teeth and the other teeth are positioned back into place. 

There are many different orthodontic treatments, you just need to know what sort of options there are. 

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