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Causes of Oral Cancer

Causes of Oral Cancer

1/26/2015 6:09:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 168

Oral cancer is a unique form of ailment that affects parts of the mouths such as the tongue surface, gums, and floor of the mouth, tonsils, salivary glands, and inner parts of the cheeks. In most cases, the treatment methods are similar to those used to treat neck and head cancers.

This article written with the help of orlando family dentist Dr. Watson.

Some of the common causes of oral cancer include:


Chewing Tobacco


Tobacco contains free radicals that accumulate in various parts of the mouth. Over time, they affect cell division leading to the development of oral cancer.




If you smoke, you put yourself at a high risk of suffering from oral cancer as compared to not smoking at all.


Cumbersome and Regular Alcohol Consumption


If you drink more than 30 pints of alcohol every week, you have a high risk of getting oral cancer than someone who drinks alcohol moderately or does not drink at all.


Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight


The sun produces an enormous percentage of Ultraviolet rays. Long exposures to the sun can double your susceptibility to lip oral cancer especially during the summer.


Poor Diet


If you intake fried foods, red and processed meat you risk the development of cancer in your mouth since they contain certain elements that can lead to the development of cancerous cells. Such kinds of foods contain certain elements that can alter normal cell division in various parts of the mouth. Your diet should include all the essential nutrients and minerals.


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)


It is a digestive condition whereby acid moves up the digestive system through the oesophagus. If you have such a condition, you increase your chances of getting oral cancer


HPV Infection


Human papillomavirus is an infection that increases your chances of getting this oral cancer. Immediate medical attention helps treat this disease in time and promote your oral health.


Radiation Treatment


It is also referred to as radiotherapy. Exposure to the rays for extended periods especially in the neck and head area predisposes you to oral cancer. It is because the ray alters the genetic makeup of the cells leading to uncontrolled cell division. If you have to undergo radiotherapy, choose a facility that is run by professionals to receive quality treatment.


Exposure to Certain Chemicals


Exposure to chemicals such as sulphuric acid, formaldehyde, and asbestos leads to accumulation of toxins in your mouth. Wear protective clothing if you happen to work in environments that have such chemicals.


Chewing Betel Nuts


Betel nuts are sourced from betel palm tree that usually grows in Southeast Asia. It causes oral cancer as it is carcinogenic and slightly addictive.


Heavy Drinking and Smoking

Alcohol and tobacco have a unique synergistic effect. It means that their combined effect is much greater than each one of the added separately. Hence, if you drink excessive alcohol and smoke many cigarettes you are at a high risk of developing oral cancers. For instance, if you consume an average of 40 pints of beer per week and smoke over 40 cigarettes per day you are 38 times likely to get oral cancer as compared to those who do not.


Mouth Conditions


Your mouth condition has a direct or indirect effect on the cells in your mouth. Therefore, it predisposes you to this kind of cancer.


Weak Immune System


Your immune system is the body’s natural mechanism for fighting disease-causing pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. HIV/AIDs and certain medications that weaken your immune system increase your chances of getting mouth cancer. A balanced diet can help you boost your immune system.


Other Forms of Cancer


Cervical and Skin Cancer spread to the mouth lead to oral cancer. It is because cancerous cells dislodge from one part of your body and attach themselves to unaffected mouthparts.


Let us proceed and look at the most common symptoms and signs that are used to diagnose this cancer.


•   Red/white patches on the tongue and lining of the mouth


• Sores that do not heal no matter the type of medication used


• Pain when swallowing food


• Thickening of lining of the mouth and the skin


• Mouth ulcers that do not heal


• Sore throat


• Painful tongue


• Sensation when food particles get stuck in your throat


• Hoarse voice


• Endless pain around the neck


• Loosen of teeth for no dental reason


Seek immediate dental care services from one of the accredited dentists in Brea if you experience any of the outlined symptoms. Dentists in Brea legally certified and have vast hands-on experience in treating oral cancers and preventing it from recurring in the future. The best have advanced medical equipment that they use to diagnose and treat oral cancer successfully. Finally, do some background research to learn more about the services offered by each facility in your list.


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