How Offering Anti Ageing Can Transform Your Practice
How Offering Anti Ageing Can Transform Your Practice
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Is your Website Mobile Ready?

2/20/2015 9:46:34 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 149

Mobile Dental Website

mobile dental website

Neil Sanderson

I purchased the new iPhone 6 last month, and it’s brilliant, I’m sure they will improve on it, but at the moment I really can’t see how they’re going to do it, it’s the ideal platform for displaying a mobile dental website.

It’s incredibly slim, the display is amazing and it’s so quick, I really love this new phone, to the extent that I’m not using my iPad quite as much as the phone does everything that the iPad does, just a bit smaller.

Which brings me onto the subject of this blog “Mobile Dental Website”. Yes I’ve written about mobile computing in the past, but with the advent of these new iPhones and the Android alternatives it’s now even more important that you have a mobile dental website or your site is mobile ready.

If you have a website and you have Google Analytics linked to it go and have a look at what technology is visiting your website, you may be shocked.

I look at Google Analytics all the time (I know sad isn’t it). I’ve seen the rise and rise of mobile search over the last 2-3 years, but only towards the end of last year did mobile search overtake desktop search for the first time.

Now around 60% of all the traffic that comes to my clients websites is mobile and if you don’t have a mobile dental website, you’re in trouble.

The reason is this. Whilst Google is happy to share all the data they have on your dental website, they also monitor it too. They want to know that if they show your website on their listings, the people who click on that link will get what they want.

If your website doesn’t automatically work like a mobile app. does, they don’t like it and will move your website down the rankings.

Remember that figure I mentioned before 60% of all search is done on a mobile device and if Google have moved you down the listings on their search engine, you simply aren’t going to be found.

Another reason is that users now expect your site to look like a mobile app when they arrive at your website. They don’t want to have to try and navigate tiny icons etc. even if your site has automatically resized, hence the fact I’m currently having my site redesigned to be mobile ready too.

Whilst people might be prepared to look down the listings when they try to find your site on a desktop machine, they won’t do the same thing on a mobile, usually the first three listings are displayed on a Google search and they won’t go beyond this, even if they might have done on a desktop.

Which also begs the question “should you be using Google adwords” as normally the first three listings are reserved for people who advertise with Google? My answer would be yes.

So check out your website and check to see if it is a true mobile dental website, if it isn’t call us and we can convert it for you or build you one that is.

If you need a new website or you want your existing website to be a mobile dental website, call me on 01767 626 398 or email me at or visit the website or check out our Facebook page

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