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Shopping This Holiday Season? Take Charge of Your Expenses!

Shopping This Holiday Season? Take Charge of Your Expenses!

11/20/2015 1:16:14 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 92

Many times, people have found themselves broke after the holiday season. Come the new year, everyone is back to work, skulking and complaining that they need to earn back the money they spent on gifts, food, and other holiday luxuries. Overspending is a bad financial move, but you can control it if you follow these tips.

What Causes Overspending?

These are the most common causes of overspending when shopping, especially in the holidays:

  • Catchy promos. Who doesn’t want a Buy One Take One deal on gorgeous boots? But ask yourself, are those boots going to be any good? If you plan to give them as gifts, probably, but the recipient may not be as thrilled.

  • Huge discounts. If you see a 70% off sign on a signature leather bag, it’s hard to resist, especially if it’s the same color as your leather jacket. But you just bought a bag last month, and you’ve got around 15 bags in your closet, so it’s not really an item worth spending on.

  • Bulk offers. Wow, five cans of peas for the price of one! And yet, you realize, none of your recipes need peas and no one in your home eats peas. So why bother?

  • Feeling the need. Do you really need to buy a new lipstick even if your old one is just a couple of months used? Feeling the need to buy things because you think you’re being deprived of luxury can be deceiving. If you really want luxury, you can save for the thing you truly want to buy, like a Chanel bag. It’s not meant to be done spur of the moment.

How to Take Control of Your Expenses

These simple ways can help you manage your expenses and avoid overspending:

1. Use discount codes and coupons whenever possible.

Discount promotions are here for a reason: merchants know they are overpricing items, so they’re here to give them away for a lower price (the right price, I must add). The few dollars of savings that you can get from discount codes and coupons can z  

2. Don’t use credit.

Credit expands your spending power and fools you into buying more. This is what credit companies and banks want you to do, but is it what you want to do to your finances? Remember, credit is a dangerous enemy. If you can’t pay for it, don’t buy it, even if you put it in your card. It will just accrue interest and put you in a risky financial position.

3. Stick to your budget.

Your budget is the key to all of your spending power. How much is your allocated budget and why was it set like so? If you don’t follow your budget, you might end up losing money for another important expenditure, like your mortgage or utility bills.

Responsibility over your expenses is the most important trait to keep your finances in check. As an adult, you should only buy things that actually matter and set your priorities straight. That way, everything you buy will be meaningful and worth every penny.
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