How Offering Anti Ageing Can Transform Your Practice
How Offering Anti Ageing Can Transform Your Practice
How you can offer anti-ageing in your practice and create a new revenue streatm
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12 Words That Sell Your Services

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The Twelve Words That Sell

Power Words that sell(1)Twelve Words That Sell. Sounds a little corny doesn’t it that you can use specific words and phrases to sell you services and products, but its true and crucial to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to write a short article on each word, in some instances I’ll reveal two or more, for instance in this article.

Over the summer, keep an eye out for the different words, they are all equally important and can be used in all your sales and marketing copy, including your website, leaflets, direct mail, posters and of course by you when you are talking to patients or clients.

So here’s the first of the twelve words that sell:

“How To” As with all these words, this is a very simple phrase to use but is almost guaranteed to get your audience’s attention.

You can use this in your Google Pay Per Click Advertising, or any other form of advertising. They work like magic, why?

If you think about it, when you enter a search into Google or any of the other search engines, you are looking to solve a problem you have. So if you see the headline “How To” solve the problem you’ve searched on, it is like someone showing you a light in the darkness.

So if you use “How To” in the headline of your advertisement and in the headline of your landing page, you are really on the right track.

You can use things like

  • “How to ensure healthy teeth and gums”.
  • “How you can have that Hollywood smile”.
  • You can even write in the singular e.g. as one of your patients “How I got my confidence to smile back” etc. etc.

The second in the twelve words that sell is:

“You” Let me put things into perspective, very few if anyone is interested in you and your business, they don’t really care about how long you have been established or who your team are, they are interested in “WIIFM” or What’s In it For Me.

Just have a look at your website and see how often you use the words “We, Us, Our, My”. Most website’s and indeed most marketing literature talk about the company, the practice and or the person who’s website it is rather than what you can do for your clients/patients.

If you talk about “You” you are talking about the person’s favourite subject e.g. themselves.

Here’s an exercise you can try from this little series of articles called the twelve words that sell and that’s this.

Try and re-write all the copy on your website or your documentation and never use the words, we, us, our or my, just use the word you as a pro-noun, it’s very difficult, but if you can master this art, you’ll make your sales and marketing copy a great deal more effective.

So there you have the first two of the twelve words that sell, I’ll give you the remaining ten over the next few weeks.

If you would like more help with your practice or dental business marketing, call me on 01767 626 398 or visit my website

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