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Just for DentalTown members: The CEDR Hiring Guide

Just for DentalTown members: The CEDR Hiring Guide

1/11/2017 1:19:39 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 305
Many employers, new and established alike, make the mistake of going with a gut feeling or “winging it” during interviews and when making hiring decisions. Afterwards, these same employers often think things like, “I can’t find a good employee anywhere,” or “Everyone I hire is just awful.” However, hiring is a critical task that requires more than intuition and a new “warm body” to plug a hole in your schedule – you need a serious strategy.

Think of it as your hiring muscle. In order to build this  muscle, you need the right tools and an exercise routine,  and you need to know exactly how to leverage your tools to achieve the greatest possible effect. That's where  this guide comes in. With these tools and techniques, you will not even break a sweat the next time you need to hire.

Inside the CEDR Hiring Guide, you’ll receive:

    Hiring Checklist
    Select Job Descriptions (including office manager!)
    Interview Comments Form
    Sample Job Application
    New Employee Form
    Reference Check – Waiver Form
    Telephone Reference Check
    Reference Check – Fax Form
    and more!

Get your copy of it by clicking here - The CEDR Hiring Guide
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