How Offering Anti Ageing Can Transform Your Practice
How Offering Anti Ageing Can Transform Your Practice
How you can offer anti-ageing in your practice and create a new revenue streatm
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Nobody Knows If You're A Good Dentist You Need Proof

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Marketing Your Dental Practice “Provide Proof”

marketing your dental practiceIt’s strange isn’t it, when we are going to buy something we normally like to try and get some information on if before we buy. The very best example of this is when you buy from Amazon, they are simply brilliant, strange that barely anybody copies them when they are marketing your dental practice1

Here’s what I mean, you Google something and up comes an advert for Amazon, you go onto the page and there it is, clear as a bell, with maybe some alternatives, a variety of places you can buy and some reviews of the product “perfect marketing”.

So why don’t dentists do this when you are marketing your dental practice? I have been in many different practices, at the end of the day it’s my job. I usually sit in the waiting room and I always look around for marketing material.

I don’t think I have ever seen a brochure of the practice or a book of photographs of what the practice can do for you the patient. Just think about this, if you want to sell implants these aren’t cheap and the patient has a big decision to make, we are normally talking in terms of thousands of pounds.

So you would think that there would be a catalogue of past work wouldn’t you (or at least I would). But to date I have never once seen a book of photographs of what the dental practice can achieve available in the waiting room, this is so simple it’s ridiculous but nobody does it.

When you are marketing your dental practice, you can spend thousands on adverts, Google, leaflets, posters etc. etc. but a simple book of photographs of before and afters which are your own work costs a few pounds, you can make them up yourself on websites such as Photobox.

Also why not have testimonials from other patients on posters, booklets, your website telling people what a great dentist you are, this is in effect free marketing and so powerful when you are marketing your dental practice.

When we are booking a holiday or weekend away, my wife inevitably looks up the hotel on Trip-Advisor, your services are no different all you are doing is offering proof that you can do what you say you can do and you have other patients who will testify to it.

If you don’t already take photographs before you start work on your patients and then take one afterward, start tomorrow, ideally buy a DSLR with a maco lens, (this will help you with any legal cases too). Start to build up your portfolio of work and create a photographic brochure for your patients, its so simple and costs next to nothing.

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