How Offering Anti Ageing Can Transform Your Practice
How Offering Anti Ageing Can Transform Your Practice
How you can offer anti-ageing in your practice and create a new revenue streatm
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The "F Word" In Dental Marketing

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The Importance of Frequency in Dental Marketing

dental marketing frequencyWhen I’m talking to me clients about their dental marketing programs (or lack of them). I’m often asked “how often should I do this or that”. The answer is that frequency is all important in marketing your dental practice, in fact it might just be the most important thing tool you can deploy.

Most practices or businesses have at some time or another tried to send out a postcard or leaflet, which either they have delivered themselves or got a professional organisation to deliver and in almost every case they are disappointed with the result.

A leaflet or postcard campaign should be just that “a dental marketing campaign” if you only ever send out one you will not achieve the results you desire. Just think about the amount of leaflets you receive through your door for pizza, Indian/Chinese restaurants etc. The vast majority of them you’ll throw away, however if you continue to receive them from a particular restaurant you may just stick it up on your notice board or keep it somewhere.

The reason for doing this type of marketing is to get your name in front of your audience so that when they actually do want to buy a pizza or have an Indian meal ext. or indeed visit the dentist, they remember the name they’ve been seeing for the past couple of months.

You see we aren’t always in the market for whatever it is that people are selling. Just because someone totally ignores five of the six postcards or leaflets you send them in our dental marketing campaign, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to see a dentist, it means that they aren’t interested at that point in time, but when they are guess who they are most likely to want to see.

Its the same with every other type of dental marketing including email text and the dreaded newsletter. 95% of your patients probably aren’t interested in having their teeth whitened at the time when you send them an email or text message making them an offer, but 5% may well be, and the next time you send out an email or text or leaflet, a different 5% may be interested.

Do you see the pattern that is building up here. Most dental marketing is an attritional process, you will only ever have the interest of your target audience when they actually want your product or service.

I get lots and lots of information through from my BMW car dealer. Now its quite obvious that most of the time I’m not interested in buying a car, because with the best will in the world I only ever change my car every three years or even more. So 95% of the stuff that they send me is of not interest whatsoever.

However it just happened the other day that the existing lease on my car expired and I needed to take it for its three year check up. One day that week a leaflet came through the door from the BMW dealer who was offering low finance on a range of used BMW’s. Guess what! I bought a new car from that dealer, simply because he was in the right place at the right time.

So when you start thinking about sending out leaflets, postcards or simple text or email dental marketing campaigns, think in the long term, do it every month, it works.

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