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while startup you may not see the relationship between dentistry and search engine optimization, but seo dentals is incredibly valuable.

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While searching for a new dentist, many people turn to the Internet to research Dentist near me, emergency dentist in my location or local dental care, and if your practice isn’t optimized for SEO,or not displayed on Google first page your business could get lost in the search rankings. The savviest among dentists are already taking advantage of the digital marketing to secure new patients and promote their practice accordingly, so it’s important that your practice is active in online.

Claim your local search listings

Google LocalBing Places and Yahoo Local all provide small businesses with the ability to create profiles that appear in search engine results when someone looks for your business locally. For example, Dave Johnson moved to New York, three years ago but never got a new dentist. Suddenly his tooth hurts, and he uses his favorite search engine to look up a “dentist in New York.” Instead of immediately delivering the websites of local dentists, these search engines will instead return the business profiles of local dentists that have been created on Google Local, Bing Places or Yahoo Local. By claiming your profiles and optimizing them with the most helpful information for your potential patients, people like Dave Johnson can make an informed decision about calling you about that toothache. The image below depicts a local dentist search in Google. The one that’s been claimed offers the benefit of a photo and a quick summary about the services they offer, while the other listing does not.


Signup Yelp and manage your reputation

Yelp is valuable because its listings get high priority in most search engines. Although some business owners don’t appreciate Yelp for airing their dirty laundry out online, the website has a vast amount of users who sing the praises of their favorite local businesses. The image below shows a Yelp search query for “dentist” in, New York. Any Yelp user will quickly look at the awarded stars and the amount of reviews each dentist has before choosing to click a dentist profile.

By claiming your business for free on their site, you can beef up your profile with information and respond to any good or bad reviews you have. Also, with an advertising budget, you can get assistance from Yelp by getting featured in local newsletters the company sends to your community.

Create YouTube videos

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, so if you have the resources to create videos, use them. Videos have less competition, so they tend to rank higher in the results of a Google, Bing or Yahoo search. For example, by creating a friendly promotional video called “The Best Dentist in New York,” your video may have an easier chance showing up as a search engine result than your own website.

Use local keywords to optimize your website

Optimizing your website using specific keywords for SEO is an effective way to gain a higher organic ranking in search results. However, don’t try to get found for broad keywords like “dentist.” There are too many competing dentists in search engines and you want to only reach people from your neighborhood, not from across the country. Working with an SEO expert will help you determine niche keyword phrases that will drive local traffic. For an added boost, work with a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) professional to bid on paid search listings, so your practice will be seen on above and to the right of all organic search listings.
Show up where patients are looking
The fact is, over 70% of your target market are going online to decide if they want your services. That is, 7 out of 10 people are looking online for a new dentist. So, it makes sense that we need you to be there when they search, right? The first step in our program is to figure out exactly how people are searching and browsing the internet in your area. Are they looking on Google (answer: probably yes) Yelp, Facebook, Youtube? When they look, what are they seeing? Are you showing up? How can you show up better?

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