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5 Cavity Signs You Should Not Ignore

5 Cavity Signs You Should Not Ignore

9/18/2017 4:10:40 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 190

Are you experiencing throbbing pain? Is your teeth sensitive to cold or hot temperatures? If you answered yes, it may because you have a cavity. Cavities are the second-most common health problem in the country with over 3 million cases per year. At the start of a cavity, you may not experience any symptoms at all. However, as the decay gets larger, it may cause the following unbearable signs and symptoms. This article is written with the help of Cosmetic dentist at flower Mound Dr. JONATHAN J. GOLAB, D.D.S., P.A. Located At 3020 Broadmoor Lane, Suite 100, Flower Mound, Texas 75022, United States 


    Excruciating Toothache and Pain


This should be the number one sign to indicate you may have a cavity. A toothache or severe pain are often symptoms of a developing cavity, especially when the damaged tooth comes into contact with something. The pain is none-stop, and you can’t seem to do anything. If you are experiencing this, please consult your dentist immediately.


    Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Temperatures


When you have a cavity you might experience a strange sensitivity to temperature in the infected tooth. Cavities often cause extreme sensitivity to hot or cold liquids and foods, making eating and drinking unpleasant and painful.


    Bad Breath or Bad Taste in the Mouth


Cavities are small, infected holes that develop in teeth, making them a perfect breeding ground for food particles and bacteria. If you have bad breath often it may be a warning sign of gum disease, caused by a buildup of plaque on teeth that irritates the gums. You may need further evaluation with your dentist.


    Mild to Sharp Pain When Chewing


If anything you chew hurts; this may because you have a cavity. If you feel a sharp, sudden pain after biting into an apple or chewing on food, the nerve in your tooth may be infected and in the process of decaying. Touching the affected area can help you gauge the severity of your pain and decide whether or not the tooth needs to be evaluated. Visit your dentist if you are experiencing these symptoms.


    Brown, Black or White Staining on Any Surface of a Tooth


Some of the times, cavities will have spots or stains on the surface of the infected tooth. Black, brown, or white spots on teeth are often signs of tooth decay, though they can also be natural stains. If a spot is soft or sticky, it is likely a symptom of a growing cavity. In some cases, cavities may cause the entire tooth to darken and increase its likelihood to chip. If you are noticing these spots, schedule an appointment with your dentist to have these stains evaluated.


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