Learn How to Manage Your Dental Practice’s Online Reputation
Learn How to Manage Your Dental Practice’s Online Reputation
At the end of the day, online reputation for dental practices is all about providing good dental experiences. At the Friendly Dental Group of Holly Springs, we have helped them to build a good online reputation for our dental practice.

Dental Tips for Children During Halloween

Dental Tips for Children During Halloween

10/25/2017 9:46:45 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 73

Halloween Dental Tips from a Top Dental Practice in Charlotte, NC

At Friendly Dental Group of South Park, their highest priority is you and your family's dental health. In addition, they provide top-notch dental treatments in Charlotte NC. 

You can visit their website at: https://friendlydentalgroup.com/locations/south-park/

How do I know?

My family and I are patients of theirs. 

One thing we love about Friendly Dental Group of South Park is that they ensure that our kids keep their teeth protected and can still have fun trick-or-treating. This is through continual education to us and our children.

So, here are some recent dental tips that they shared with us to ensure our children enjoy the fun of trick-or-treating during Halloween and still keep their teeth protected. 

1. Feed Your Children before They Start Trick-or-Treating

The hungrier your children are when they start going around your neighborhood getting candy, the more likely they will eat more of it. Eating more candy means more potential damage to their teeth. 

Therefore, by ensuring that the kids are fed and on full stomachs before this important mission of their lives will ensure that they don’t suffer as great a risk. This also reduces the time spent eating candy, which is better for their teeth.

2. Once They eat the Candy Make them Drink Some Water

Once the kids have made their way back from trick-or-treating, and eaten their fill of candy, it was recommended that we should make them wash their mouths with water. 

This gets rid of the sugar that the bacteria use to produce the acid that causes tooth decay. The best idea is to have them swish the water around their mouths before swallowing it for a greater teeth-cleansing effect. 

3. Encourage them to Eat Dark Chocolate

Candy and its effect on teeth, especially when it comes to causing cavities, has always been a concern of ours. Dark chocolate has emerged as the safest candy for the teeth. 

I recently read here, it was proven to do a better job of protecting the teeth than the fluoride found in toothpastes. That is because it dissolves quickly and contains substances that promote dental health. 

4. Ensure The Children Get their Teeth Checked

At the end of the day, only a dentist can tell how much damage the candy you are giving your children is causing. So, even after taking the measures mentioned above, make a point of visiting your local dentist so that any issues that may have arisen can be resolved before they become serious dental problems. 

The fact that Halloween is approaching, you should not make your children miss their dentist appointment. This is their future health and as a parent, I know you deeply care about that.

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