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Restore now or watch and wait? CariScreen Testing and patient restorative urgency.
How are dental professionals using the CariScreen test on a daily basis?Restorative UrgencyWhen patients present with current decay, the dental team willdevelop a restorative treatment plan specific to the patient. Dependingon dental benefits and the cost of the restorative procedures, manypatients...  Read More
The ‘NEW’ Social Media Strategy That Has Been Proven to Improve Patient Retention and Increase Referrals
Still Searching for the Most Effective WayTo Retain Patients and Increase Referrals?This ‘NEW’ Social Media Strategy May BeExactly What You've Been Looking for. Only 4% of patients trust Dentist advertisements as their primary source of information when searching for a new Doctor, so...  Read More
How to Get a Flood of Dental Patients to Your Doorstep
Dentists of today no longer just focus on dental care, they also need to perform management and marketing responsibilities. Getting dental appointments filled has become quite a challenge for dentists setting up a private practice. Some dentists are not equipped to face competition, while others...  Read More
Why Patients Stick:  New Data Reveals How To Improve Retention & Increase Referrals / Infographic
In 17 years of private practice and the 10+ years I've been coaching I can’t remember having ever met a Dentist who didn't believe that word of mouth is the most effective and powerful method for generating quality new patient referrals. Having said that, I can count on one hand (with fingers...  Read More
30 Practice Management Ideas to Jump Start Your Practice
30 Practice Management Ideas to Jump Start Your Practice Establish a recall system, write it up, train staff on it and follow it exactly. Print business cards for each of your team members, encourage them to pass them out. Implement welcome letters for all new patients. Implement no...  Read More
Social Media Myths Exploded: 10 Beliefs That Are Costing You Referrals and Hurting Patient Retention
Social Media Myths Exploded: 10 Beliefs That Are Costing You Referrals and Hurting Patient RetentionMuch of what you’ve been told and believe about social media marketing is wrong. They are myths. I crushed them originally a few weeks ago on a webinar for the and I’ll do the same in...  Read More
Dr. Chris Griffin's Bold Biography
Top 5 quotes from Dr. Griffin: Don’t take no for an answer. I’ve never really been around people who just had one job. That’s probably an influence on me. I had to figure out what the blue collar folks in my town needed…they needed fillings, extractions and root...  Read More
hello everyonetoday in this world where everything is getting is automated , why not think of having the crown preparation automated.the advantages if this procedure get automated:1. we will be able to set a standard in the crow procedure and will be achieve and maintain a standard in what we do.2....  Read More
Promoting Oral Health to Patients in Your Community
Dental professionals around the world have always instilled the value of optimum oral health. Not many people look forward to a dental visit, even though professional dental care is an important part of your oral and physical well-being. Promoting oral health to patients in your community is,...  Read More
Products in the office: To sell or not to sell?
In dentistry, there is a definite divisionin thought toward distributing products in the office: those who embrace"selling" in office, and those that shudder at the mere thought ofrecommending products.Oral health supplies are big business. According to , from 2011 alone, billions of dollars were...  Read More
Forget About Getting Likes On Facebook, Here's What To Do Instead w/Infographic
It’s likely that you’ve been told by one or more Dentist marketing experts (DME’s) and/or practice management companies (PMC’s) that the key to success on Facebook is to get as many likes as possible. After thinking about it you say to yourself… “Well, that...  Read More
Why You Need A Blog On Your Website
Blogging For Your PracticeNeil SandersonBlogging is now essential if you want to have a successful Social Media presence and at the same time get your dental practice website up the Google natural rankings, so first things first, what is a blog?Well you are reading one now, this is my blog and I...  Read More
6 products I can't live without in hygiene
Parkell Burnett Power Tip (magnetostrictive)This tip is longer and thinner than your typical universal tip, and it’s more powerful. It can safely be used at the highest power level on your ultrasonic scaler. I rarely have to go beyond half power. At least 80% of my scaling needs, on average,...  Read More
The Bold Biography of Dr. Mark Costes
Top 5 quotes from Dr. Costes: My dad is my hero. All he had was his hopes, dreams and his degree . . . he is the epitome of the American success story! It took me 3 years and 21 attempts to get into dental school. I got great coaches and mentors . . . and I read every book you can read on...  Read More

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