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Consultant Tip: Be a Good Listener
One secret of good human relations to to ask questions, but to also be a good listener. People can tell when you are listening and they can also tell when you are truly interested in them and what they are saying.Encourage the other person to talk about themselves and to share their interests and...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Relationships in Business
Teddy Roosevelt said, "the most important ingredient in the success formula is knowing how to get along with people," Research has consistently shown that technical training is important, butthere is another side to business.Most of the success in service businesses is due to skills in human...  Read More
Dental Practice Management 101
Managing a dental practice can be tough, especially if you have no experience in running a business. You have to forget for a while that you’re a dentist, and think as a business manager. In addition to providing quality dental work, your other goal is to manage the office effectively and...  Read More
Less Work Will Make You Profitable
A dental practice devotes several hours during the day preparing, performing and sterilizing for a single procedure. That time equates to a substantial amount of manual labor cost that is considered a “normal expense” when it comes to running a dental office. What if you could take that...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Educating Patients
There are many direct ways to educate patients. Seeing is believing and what we see carries much more impact and is more convincing than what we hear. We remember only about 10% of what we hear and about 85% of what we see. Use visual aids to back up what you say. Intraoral cameras, photos, models,...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Patient Relations
One of the things patients appreciate more than anything else is being remembered and called by their name. If you want a positive and immediate response from someone, just use his name. Our friends know us by name, but strangers don't, so if you call a patient by his name, this is really acting...  Read More
10 Quick Tips about Teeth
1) Flossing is good for your health and the health of your teeth.2) If your tooth needs a root canal, getting the treatment done would generally be better than pulling your tooth.3) When filling a space from a single missing tooth, and implant/crown most likely will be a better option than a 3 unit...  Read More
Hiring the Best Dental Hygienist
In every business, the people who work for you can either “make” or “break” you. You may not know it but these people can make costly mistakes behind your back, these may even result in lawsuits. Thus, it is very important to hire the best people for your team. In dentistry,...  Read More
3 Dental Marketing Myths that Even Chuck Norris Can't Kill - Part 1
Myth trivia 101.True or false?Facial hair grows back thicker when you shave it, especially if you shave it in the direction against the direction of its growth.<tick tock tick tock>Answer? False. ()Strong scientific evidence disproves these claims. As early as 1928, a clinical trial showed...  Read More
The Right (and WRONG) Time To Hire A Dental Marketing Consultant
Is there a right and wrong time to hire a Dental marketing consultant? Absolutely… but not necessarily for the reasons you might think! In this article I’m going to show you 8 criteria that can help you avoid making a disastrous business decision. In addition to the 8 criteria listed,...  Read More
Need Your Feedback - Please Shower Me with Questions, Derisions, et. al.
To be honest, I've been a derelict blogger of late. This blog has not been kept up as much as I'd like it to be. Looking back, I've noticed several posts have received a surprising number of views but with little or no feedback. I doubt this is because my posts are profoundly overwhelming or...  Read More
The Practice "Sharing" Arrangement
Soooo...You've got a friend, classmate, or personal doctor reference that is seeking to "share" practice space but maintain two or more legally independent practices under a common roof?This may look flexible, inexpensive, and/or easy but you really need to invest the time to think through the back...  Read More
Lean Startup Dentist - How I Saved a Dentist from Making a $250k Mistake
Do you know what most dentists are good at?Dentistry.Marketing? Not so much.Let me share a little story.Dentist with a DreamA friend of mine graduated from a dental school, with a nice departing gift of couple of hundred thousand dollars in student loans.He worked his ass off night and day, yet...  Read More
If a Patient Does Not Have Insurance, Do Not Mention It
When talking to patients about their needed dental treatment and financial arrangements, one of the first things we notice is whether or not they have dental insurance. It is very good if they do, of course, and this makes our job easier.However, if they do not have insurance you can make a patient...  Read More
If You Promise Some Patients the Moon, They Won't Believe You
One of the most difficult things in human relations is convincing the pessimist they need something (including good dentistry).Many patients have experienced failure with their past treatments and have privately given up hope that anything can be successful. This is the reason they do not follow...  Read More
For Explosive Facebook Engagement… Use Entertaining Infographics and Images
A Sizzling Six-Part Series for Souping-Up Your Facebook Strategies!Want to learn how to get MORE Engagement, MORE Likes, MORE Shares, MORE Comments and Generate MORE Referrals from Facebook? Follow these simple steps for using images to create more engaging, eye-popping presence on this amazing...  Read More
What Every Dentist Needs to Know about Online Dental Marketing
Years of studying in a dental school may have prepared you for professional dental care, but learning about online dental marketing is an essential step on the road to success. Lack of knowledge about it is often the reason some dentists lose money. They set up a new practice, invest in dental...  Read More
Are You A Dentist? 9 Opinions To Improve Your Presence On Social Media
How important is social media for dentists?How can a dentist improve their online presence?Social media is becoming a must for every dentist, but not everyone knows how do it right.We recently got in touch with 9 experts, both dentists and agencies, asking them 2 questions:- How important is social...  Read More
Standardized Sequence for Handling Requests to Break or Cancel an Appointment
Standardized Sequence for Handling Requests to Break or Cancel an AppointmentWhen you are speaking to a patient or someone who calls for a patient and they want to break an appointment, there are certain steps to follow. The first step is to get the person on the telephone that has the...  Read More
Why Responsive Web Design is the Best Way to Move Forward
People no longer just use their personal computers and laptops to search for products and services online. As smartphones and tablets abound and provide us with multiple features in a single gadget, people now gravitate towards using these handy devices to communicate with friends, send emails,...  Read More
Reparar Vs. Remplazar. Ese es el dilema
Mas del 70% del tiempo que los dentistasinvierten en tratamientos de odontología restaurativa esta enfocado en el remplazo de restauraciones previas. El remplazo de las restauraciones puede resultar en preparación de cavidades mas extensas, resultando en un debilitamiento inminente...  Read More
Dental Marketing Strategies to Get New Patients
Are you setting up a new dental practice and worrying about attracting new patients? Don’t fret. Dental marketing is all about identifying your target market and focusing on their needs. Once you’re able to satisfy the needs of your market, they will naturally come to you. But how and...  Read More
Small Steps for a Giant Leap – Stress
We are faced with stress everyday in our lives. It’s a matter of how you can avoid it, handle it or move on from it that determines whether you can stay clear of the negative side-effects that can prevail.The FactsAccording to the American Psychological Association at the American Institute...  Read More

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