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15 Reasons Dentist Cannot Ignore Social Media Profiles
It is a well known fact that a dentist cannot ignore social media profiles, but many dentists don't know why this is. After all, dentistry has been successfully practiced for many years without any of this social media stuff. So what's changed recently that makes things so different? Here are 15...  Read More
Implants Made Easy with Dr. August de Oliveira : Howard Speaks Podcast #35
Dr. August de Oliveira shares how he routinely uses CBCT for endodontic diagnosis, implant treatment planning and surgical stent fabrication. Learn about Dr. de Oliveira's books 'Implants Made Easy' and 'Guided Implantology Made Easy.' Dr. de Oliveira shares how he changes his surgical treatment...  Read More
The Business Anarchist's Guide to The Business of Dentistry - Where Should You Invest NOW In Your Dental Practice?
By Jerry JonesThere’s no shortage of choices, are there? You could buy a CBCT scanner. ($100k) A new curing light. ($500) Apex locator. ($1000) Microscope. ($8000/op) E4D. (????? A lot!) CEREC. ($25k USED) Oral Cancer Screening Gizmotronic. ($2500 and up).Or, you could invest it in marketing....  Read More
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Top Five Social Media Pitfalls For Your Dental Practice
Over the last decade more and more people are turning to the web for advice from all areas in the medical field. Easy access to the Internet from handheld devices, mobile phones, laptops and tablets is the main reason for people turning to the medical sites. The fast response is the main reason why...  Read More
Should Dentists Provide Cosmetic Botox Injections?
You head to your local dentist for your twice-yearly dental checkup. As you chat with the dentist or hygienist, he or she mentions “Oh, by the way, we now offer cosmetic Botox injections for facial wrinkles. Would you be interested in learning more about this service?’You say to...  Read More
Categories: botox, botox injections
What Scrooge Knows About Periodontal Disease
It is the week of Christmas and of course all the familiar Christmas movies have been playing on TV. Charles Dickens' classicA Christmas Carolis one of those that show every year. It has been remade dozens and dozens of times. (I kind of like the Disney versions the best.)This article first...  Read More
12 Ways To Train the Dental Assistant To Work More Like A Dentist
A dentist is often left up a creek without a paddle if they do not have a proper assistant. With a role that important, it's also important that the assistant works hard to be just as much of a dentist as the dentist themselves. Here are 12 ways to train the dentist assistant to work more like the...  Read More
9 Ways of increasing Patients in a Dental care practice
A healthy dental practice should record at least 25 . This may seem unrealistic, but with proper marketing coupled with excellent services, every practice has the potential to be on this level. The thought of proactively marketing your dental practice may not sound very appealing. You might choose...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Watch the Numbers with Tim Lott : Howard Speaks Podcast #34
Tim Lott discusses the most common practice metrics and accounting pitfalls. Make sure you're comparing apples to apples and maximizing your financial knowledge.Stream Audio Here: Audio HSP #34 with Tim Lott Watch Video Here: ...  Read More
How Are You Bonding? with Dr. David Hornbrook : Howard Speaks Podcast #33
Dr. David Hornbrook shares exactly what systems he is using in his high-end, cosmetic practice today.From generations of bonding systems to soft tissue lasers, tissue retraction and adhesive cements, Dr. Hornbrook shares the best of the best. Also hear his list of the Top 5 dental manufacturers...  Read More
The 20 Struggles That Dentists Face By Running Outdated Technology In Their Practice
Technology is always updating, which may make it hard to keep up with. However, as a dentist, you need to ensure that you offer the latest and greatest tech equipment in your office. If you don’t, here are 20 struggles that you’ll have to face. Clients Will Go Elsewhere Clients expect...  Read More
Categories: dental technology
The Secret to Presenting Treatment Without Pressure
That moment when you ask the patient to accept treatment can sometimes be a nerve wracking one.You’ve spent the entire appointment gathering up your data, and done your best to educate the patient but when it comes to asking “So, are you ready to get started?” you suddenly have a...  Read More
Top Practice Mistakes with Sandy Pardue : Howard Speaks Podcast #32
Sandy Pardue and Howard Farran talk about staff problems, lack of systems, staff training, broken appointments, patient retention, and more!  There’s a reason Sandy is considered the gold standard in practice management.Listen to the Show on iTunes to listen on iTunesListen to the Audio Here:     ...  Read More
How Well Do You Know The Biography Of Your Regular Dentist?
If you go to the dentist on a regular basis, then it only makes sense that you should know quite a bit about them. After all, this is someone that you are trusting with machinery and tools as you let them look deep inside your mouth and give you medical advice. However, because most people look at...  Read More
No Employees, Life Is Good! with Dr. Gigi Huynh a.k.a. 'tinker-bell' : Howard Speaks Podcast #31
When Dr. Huynh’s employees quit on her, she realized she didn’t need them.  Listen as Dr. Howard Farran interviews one of Dentaltown’s favorite townies about practicing solo, the perfect alginate impression, and much more!Listen to the Show on iTunes to listen on iTunesListen to the Audio Here: ...  Read More
12 Reasons Why Dentists Should Be Punctual In Everyday Life
Medical professionals are often held to higher expectations than your average person. They often times have the health of other people in their hands, so it’s important that they take their job very seriously. Aside from just what they do in the office, dentists should also consider how they...  Read More
 Office Design from the Ground Up with HanH Tran : Howard Speaks Podcast #30
HanH Tran and Dr. Howard Farran discuss common pitfalls of office design and layout. The biggest problem with having your suppliers design your dental office for free is getting what you paid for.Listen to the Show on iTunes to listen on iTunesListen to the Audio Here: ...  Read More
Oral Hygiene Resolutions for 2015
When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, reports that losing weight is number one, followed by volunteering to help others. Quitting smoking is third, while getting a better education is fourth, with getting a better job fifth.The remaining top 13 are saving money, getting fit, eating...  Read More
22 Secrets People With Beautiful Teeth Would Not Tell You
People who have a beautiful smile have a big advantage when it comes to personal appearance. Plenty of people believe that a smile can leave a lasting impression on peers, which is likely why there is a big emphasis on having beautiful teeth. For those that are looking to get all the insight into a...  Read More
Categories: beautiful smile
Shrinking the Implant Learning Curve with Dr. Emil Verban : Howard Speaks Podcast #29
Dr. Emil Verban taught himself to place implants without taking a $20,000 continuum. Learn how he did it and how to offer affordable implant options to your patients.Listen to the Show on iTunes to listen on iTunesListen to the Audio Here: Audio Howard Speaks...  Read More
Consultant Tip: How to Review a Resume
You are looking for that perfect person to work in the practice. You place an ad and start receiving resumes. Many times resumes look great, but what you see is not always what you get. Have a complete job description prepared in advance. It will be helpful to review it before you start receiving...  Read More
3 Mistakes that Hurt Hygiene Treatment Acceptance
In my recent visits to dental offices I've noticed some common mistakes that create big roadblocks for consistent treatment acceptance in the hygiene room. If your team has been trying to increase hygiene production but are struggling to get patients to accept treatment other than the "regular...  Read More
The Business Anarchist's Guide to The Business of Dentistry - It's Been a Couple of Weeks
Jerry here,It's been a couple weeks since I've added a blog post.I'm sure you've been enjoying the bajillions of emails for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Funny thing is, none of that seemed to help retailers -- and some are saying that American's Buying Habits and Patterns are changing.I think...  Read More
Categories: business
The Problem with Perfection in Dentistry with Dr. Barry Glassman : Howard Speaks Podcast #28
Dr. Barry Glassman examines the damage that perfectionism in dentistry can do and shares ’The Four Agreements' for success and happiness. Listen to the Show on iTunesClick here to listen on iTunesStream the Audio Podcast Here:                                    Audio Howard Speaks Podcast #28 with...  Read More
The 5 Reasons Why Dental Membership Programs Work
What is a Dental Wellness Membership Plan?Anin-house dental wellness membership plans allows patients to purchase a“membership” to a specific dental practice that provides all of theirpreventive wellness care needs, such as professional dental cleanings,dentist exams, required x-rays,...  Read More

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