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Market Your Practice The RIGHT Way with Colin Receveur : Howard Speaks Podcast #69
Stream Audio Here: HSP #69 with Colin Receveur audio Watch Video Here: HSP #69 with Colin Receveur video People aren't searching for what you think they're searching for. Learn how to...  Read More
Women Are Key To Your Internal Marketing Success
In my last post,, I described how to get the greatest value out of your external dental practice marketing efforts by dropping the generic "market to everybody with teeth" approach in your direct-mail, web site, billboards, etc., and shifting your message to targeting more ideal patients.Stack the...  Read More
12 Ways to Make Your Dental Practice Clean
If you were to walk into a restaurant that didn't look very clean, you probably wouldn't want to eat there. Likewise, if you were to walk into a dental office that wasn't very clean, you probably would not trust that dentist to give you excellent care. A dirty office can say a lot about you and...  Read More
Dental Instruments on a Tight Budget
My career as a periodontist spanned many years. I was involved ineducation for a time and was director of a hospital based residencyprogram for two years. I was in private practice for over 30 years. Iwas surprised to learn that today the average dental practice spends$50,000/yr. on supplies,...  Read More
Dental Instruments on a Tight Budget
My career as a periodontist spanned many years. I was involved ineducation for a time and was director of a hospital based residencyprogram for two years. I was in private practice for over 30 years. Iwas surprised to learn that today the average dental practice spends$50,000/yr. on supplies,...  Read More
Put Yourself Around Winners with Alan Miller : Howard Speaks Podcast #68
Stream Audio Here: HSP #68 with Alan Miller audio Watch Video Here: HSP #68 with Alan Miller video "I learned business by putting myself around winners." Listen to Alan Miller...  Read More
Consultant Tip: How to Increase Hygiene Production
There are many things a hygienist can do to increase personal production. I highly recommend that you generate and print a report from your software showing the procedures and production by individual code. Do this for each hygiene provider in the practice. Look at the procedure counts for the...  Read More
Are you employing criminals?
Find the show notes for this David Harris podcast interview here:  Read More
The Three Bears Of Dental Instrument Sharpening
What could the Three Bears possibly have to do with dental instrumentsharpening? Well, you don’t want to use a sharpening stone that’s toohard or too soft. You want the one that’s just right!If you read my previous blogs you know I prefer to use a slightlycoarser grit sharpener....  Read More
Why I CBCT Everyone with Dr. Neal Patel : Howard Speaks Podcast #67
Stream Audio Here: HSP #67 with Neal Patel audio Watch Video Here: HSP #67 with Neal Patel video "I scan ALL MY PATIENTS" --Dr. Neal Patel. Listen as he explains exactly what is so...  Read More
Maximize Your External Marketing Investment
As I’ve mentioned in the past, there are only three basic ways to build any business. You can find more clients, increase the frequency of client visits, or increase the average purchase amount of the visit.In dentistry our clients are called patients, frequency is a function of hygiene, and...  Read More
Google Is Rolling Out the Mobile-Friendly Update Today: Is Your Website Prepared?
Will Google Penalize Your Not So Mobile-FriendlyWebsite?They could, but it’s notALLdoom & gloom for the dental websites that don’t play so nice with mobile devices.According to Google,Another reason not to fear is that once your site doesbecome mobile-friendly, Googlewill...  Read More
10 Things Dentist Wish They Knew When Buying a Dental Practice
Buying a dental practice is no doubt one of the biggest decision you'll ever make. How do you make sure you ask the right questions, and get what you really think you are buying? We asked 8 dentists to tell us what they wish they'd known before buying their practice. Here's what they have to say....  Read More
Sleep Dentistry Changes Lives with Dr. Weisfogel : Howard Speaks Podcast #66
Stream Audio Here:                                                                                                HSP #66 with Avi Weisfogel Audio                                    Watch Video Here:                                                                                                HSP...  Read More
Dental Instrument Sharpening Stone – Fine or Medium Grit?
In my last blog I recommended the use of a medium grit instrumentsharpener instead of the fine Arkansas grit sharpener most of us weretrained with. I mentioned the benefits included the ability to sharpenfaster and the creation of functional wire edges (below) which canenhance the removal of...  Read More
How Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update Will Affect Your Dental Practice Local Rankings
Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update Affect Your Dental Practice LocalRankings?In case you missed it; social media, local search, & mobile integration all play nice together.You may have even missed the often overused (guilty as charged here) industry jargon...  Read More
How to Handle Late Notice Cancellations and No-Shows
During a recentsession, we explored practice profitability and the financial impact of having just one empty slot in the daily calendar. A big questions was, “Wes, how do I handle patients when they’re on the books for a 9AM appointment and they don’t call to cancel until 4PM the...  Read More
 Advantages of Facebook Ads for Dental Practices?
If you recently logged on to Facebook, you probably noticed the sidebar of ads on the right hand of your screen or a sponsored header at the top. These Facebook advertisements appear on your profile page and news feed on your desktop as well as on your mobile device. They are also often paired with...  Read More
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Don’t be Penny-Wise and Dollar-Foolish: Build Strong Relationships with Dental Supply Reps
I have a doctor client who is always trying to save a nickel by buying supplies on the Internet. Like most dentists he is very frugal. I’ve told him over and over that saving a nickel won’t really grow his practice. But, building a strong relationship with a great dental supply rep just...  Read More
Living an Abundant Life with Dr. Bill Blatchford : Howard Speaks Podcast #65
Is it possilbe to work less days and make more money? Can vacations boost productivity? Should new graduates take out more loans to buy a practice? Dr. Bill Blatchford answers these questions and more in this hour podcast interview with Dr. Howard Farran.Stream Audio Here: ...  Read More
Why Is Root Canal Treatment Needed?
Some people flinch at the sound of “root canal”, but for those who haven’t experienced it, the procedure may be a little intriguing. If it’s such a painful process, why do people need to go through it?Why is Root Canal Necessary?A dentist will recommend the root canal...  Read More
Scam Alert: Google Is NOT Calling Your Dental Practice
Dentists Get Duped By Scam Calls Claiming to Be GoogleNo, in all likelihoodGoogle is NOTcalling your dental practice.The more likely situation is, those scam robocalls you’re receiving are from (rather unscrupulous) marketing & advertising companies preying onunsuspecting business owners...  Read More
“Mobilegeddon”: Google to Make Mobile-Friendliness Crucial Component of Ranking Algorithm
If you haven’t heard yet, starting April 21st, Google will be increasing their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. For years, has been preaching the gospel of responsive design, mobile-friendly websites for dentists. Now, as we approach the eve of “Mobilegeddon”, our...  Read More
Townie Resource Page: Compliments of Consultant Sandy Pardue
Hello Townies!I have prepared a page on our website for Townies to have access to my blog posts, various articles and practice management tools. I'll be adding more as time goes on.You can access our Townie Resource PageIf there is something you don't see that you'd like, please don't hesitate to...  Read More
The Buisnes Anarchist's Guide To The Business Of Dentistry - How to Consistently Close Large Cases No Matter The Economic Climate
The two biggest problems Dentists face right now are not surprisingly, the biggest problems they always face: attracting new patients and keeping their existing patients “active.”Regardless of what’s going on nationally, there are many micro-economies all over the U.S. that are...  Read More
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