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3 Dental Marketing Myths that Even Chuck Norris Can't Kill - Part 2
This is a continuation fromWhy do myths exist? According to authorsEd Kramer and Neil Gaiman:When I talk to my dentist customers about their marketing strategies, i almost always hear two things1) I am not sure what's working and what's not.2) If it looks like its working, I keep using it. Why fix...  Read More
Avoiding Dentistry Dogmas with Tim Goodheart : Howard Speaks Podcast #77
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Tim Goodheart - HSP #77 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Tim Goodheart - HSP #77 We hear dentists say "soft skills don't matter" or "If I just do good work, people...  Read More
What Message Are You Sending with Your Waiting Area?
When I begin working with a dental office, I can usually tell how well their business is doing just from standing in the lobby and taking a look around. I can tell how impeccably they manage their patient files, how diligent they are with follow-up, and how much attention they give to detail.The...  Read More
What is TRAC Research Up To? with Rella Christensen : Howard Speaks Podcast #76
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Rella Christensen - HSP #76 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Rella Christensen - HSP #76 "Today is going to be my favorite podcast of all time. You were so...  Read More
Top 25 marketing strategies for dentists (Vol.2)
Introduction:This week, we bring you eight more marketing strategies designed to help you maintain strong ties with your clients, build your dental practice’s reputation, and boost your bottom line. Remember: marketing matters, but it’s not all about big billboards and flashing...  Read More
The Buisnes Anarchist's Guide To The Business Of Dentistry - How to Consistently Close Large Cases  No Matter The Economic Climate
The two biggest problems Dentists face right now are, not surprisingly, the biggest problems they always face: attracting new patients and keeping their existing patients “active.”Regardless of what’s going on nationally, there are many micro-economies all over the U.S. that are...  Read More
How Dentists Can Benefit from Google’s New Nearby Mobile Ad Format
Nearby Dentists Mobile Ad FormatTo be clear, Google is not posting up mobile ad slots just for“dentists near me”or“dentist nearby”location-based searches from a mobile phone.The new mobile ad format announced today is a boon for all local businesses…at least the ones...  Read More
Do What You Feel Is Right! with Von Grow : Howard Speaks Podcast #75
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Von Grow - HSP #75 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Von Grow - HSP #75 According to Howard, "We need a thousand more Von Grows". You'll agree once you hear how...  Read More
Bold Biography of Scott Leune
Dr. Leune's Top Quotes:1. Auditing creates lasting implementation and efficiencies.2. It just doesn’t have to be that complicated.3. It’s just as easy to think bigger as it is to think smaller.4. I don’t put up with BS. I don’t play political games.5. I think there are three...  Read More
You Can Do More With Less People If They're The Best
Recently I spoke to a local MeetUp group on the topic of team building. After a few minutes of inquiring attendees to get an understanding of the "team performance" issues they came to resolve, I found, like in most cases, that their problems were mostly the result of unclear expectations and poor...  Read More
The Future of Dental Hygiene
What Can The Past of Dental Hygiene Tell Us of the Future?I have been a member of the American Academy of Periodontology for myentire thirty plus year career. I attended the majority of the annualmeetings. I wish I kept all the programs from those meetings becausethey would tell an interesting...  Read More
Top 25 marketing strategies for dentists (Vol.1)
Introduction:From the construction of billboards and the broadcast of television commercials through to the dawn of digital advertising, the world of marketing has evolved dramatically over the past century. Just ask Don Draper.And while it may not be top on your list of priorities as a dentist,...  Read More
Why Aren't You Doing Yoga? with Dr. David Hennington : Howard Speaks Podcast #74
Stream Audio here: HSP #74 with David Hennington audio Watch Video here: HSP #74 with David Hennington video "Yoga is a moving meditation." Listen to Dr Hennington explain THE RIGHT...  Read More
5 Things Your Dentist Wishes You'd Ask
Oral health is far more important to your overall health than you may realize. Neglect your teeth and gums by not brushing, flossing, visiting the dentist for regular checkups, etc. and cavities/gingivitis/periodontal diseasewillbe in your future.Neglect to visit a dentist for such as loose teeth,...  Read More
5 Tips To Reduce Fatigue in Dentistry
Dentistry is a very physical profession. There are ways to combat the fatigue experienced throughout the day. Watch this short video for tips on how.  Read More
7 books every dentist must read
When it comes to running a dental practice, we know youhave a lot to juggle. Between handling extractions, bridges, dentures, andfillings, you’re also busy overseeing inventory and billing and marketing yourservices to keep the molars marching in.But don’t let the...  Read More
Did you know that you have a bill of rights? Probably, but not a “bill of rights” for taxes.Well, there is a “bill of rights” for taxes and as a tax payer, you should be aware of them.There is an article on the wires today that talks about red flags andwhy not to do...  Read More
Top 5 Apps for Dentists
From health, games to education, there are 1.2 million apps in the app store just waiting to be discovered. Among them are ones to supplement your dentistry practice or boost your productivity at work. But who wants to look through lists and lists of apps for the best and most useful? Luckily, we...  Read More
Practice Prudence with Jill Kring Carter : Howard Speaks Podcast #73
Stream Audio here:                                    HSP #73 with Jill Kring Carter audio                        Watch Video here:                                    VIDEO - Jill Kring Carter - HSP #73                        Jill Kring Carter explains why you should acknowledge the little problems...  Read More
A lot of business owners ask me if they can hire and pay their kids for modeling or acting in the business marketing campaigns. The answer is Yes in most situations. How old do my kids have to be for me to use them in marketing campaigns and if I hire them doesn’t the product have to be for...  Read More
Consultant Tip: 10 Actions for Increasing Treatment Acceptance
10 Actions for Increasing Treatment Acceptance Are you seeing the backs of a lot of patients’ heads? Are patients needing treatment and not accepting what you are proposing? The reality is that treatment plan acceptance is...  Read More
6 Dental Implant Benefits
If you have missing, crooked, chipped, and/or diseased teeth, you may be considering having some performed.Your options could include porcelain veneers, braces, Invisalign, a crown, dentures, etc.But if you’re missing a tooth or your teeth are chipped or broken, perhaps your best bet from a...  Read More
Gain Control Of The Business Side Of Your Practice
"As dentists, we spend a majority of our education focusing on science, never developing our business acumen.This prepares us for half ofreal-world practice.CEO Dentistsupplements ourclinical education withfocusedbusiness training and strategies specific to a dental practice rounding out our team's...  Read More
Root Planing-How Smooth Do They Need To Be?
How Smooth Do They Need To Be?I often asked myself the question regarding root planing, “How smoothdo they (the roots) need to be?” I’ve never had a good answer. I askedothers the same question and their answers weren’t any better than mine.I don’t remember ever...  Read More
Muscle Fatigue and Dentistry: A painful combination
Sometimes you can feel it starting as soon as you position yourself to begin working on a patient, especially if that patient is at the end of the day. It starts as a small feeling of discomfort. You ignore it. You only have X amount of time to finish this procedure so that you can stay on...  Read More
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