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Quitting Without Notice - Live From HR Base Camp Podcast #1
Today’s episode of Live from HR Basecamp discusses situations where anemployee quits or leaves without notice. We’ll tackle some commonscenarios, and how to handle them in a way that protects both you andyour practice. Quitting Without Notice Podcast ...  Read More
The Business Anarchist's Guide to The Business of Dentistry - Avoid the Noid & Sell MORE Crowns, Implants, etc!
You remember the Noid, right? He was the little turd that always ruined your Domino’s pizza in the late 80’s. He made the delivery guy late, your pizza cold, or worse...In the late 80’s, I remember standing on the door step, at 2514 Borst Avenue, in Centralia, WA, after ordering...  Read More
003: Neal Inscoe - How to Properly Transition Your Dental Practice
003: Neal Inscoe - How to Properly Transition Your Welcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. On today’s show we’re talking with Neal Inscoe. Neal is the founder and CEO of Equity in Dentistry. He specializes in...  Read More
There are many advantages to having your patients more engaged withyour practice. Patient engagement can decrease no shows, increasepatient appointments, and help bring in new patients.Here are three ways to drive patient engagement using:Let your patients know they have a patient portal available...  Read More
Success Then Is Not Success Now with Tarun Agarwal : Howard Speaks Podcast #090
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Tarun Agarwal - HSP #90 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Tarun Agarwal - HSP #90 Listen to Tarun Agarwal, DDS explain why you need to accept insurance, why you...  Read More
002: Ben Tuinei – How to Successfully Negotiate with Insurance Companies
002: Ben Tuinei – How to Successfully Negotiate with Insurance Companies ListenWelcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur. On today’s show we’re covering an extremely important topic: how to negotiate with insurance...  Read More
Four Principles of Neck Pain Dental Professionals Must Know
I first started dental assisting when my stepfather needed help in the office. I was happy to learn something new and to work with him and the patients. It was also good way to earn a little extra money while I was in college. I returned to assisting when I graduated and moved away and wanted to...  Read More
Dentalopoly is a board game that bonds dentists, colleagues, staff, families, and friends while injecting tongue in cheek-biting humor! Where else will you find Plaque Place, Margin Gardens,or Root 66?Created by dentist, Dr. DeSimone. Order yours @ .  Read More
Sandy Pardue: Are your Appointments Broken?  [Relentless Dentist Top 10 Series]
#1 Podcast: Sandy Pardue on Broken Appointments We are re-releasing our most popular Relentless Dentist podcast episodes onto this DentalTown Podcast thread. Our #1 most listened episode is a value-packed interview with the one and only,...  Read More
Professional #Whitening #Bleaching Options 2015
Whitening products became wildly popular in the great dental cosmetic boom of the 90’s and early 2000’s and are still sought after today. What makes the materials better now? There have been improvements in the products and techniques: less sensitivity, some that can bleach...  Read More
|4K ULTRA HD|-- Digital Dental Lab tour with-- |Shaun Keating CDT|
Keating Dental Arts very own "Shaun Keating" takes you through a Digital 4K Ultra HD tour of the high end and cutting edge Dental Lab in Irvine California.Learn More about Keating Dental Arts™ (state of the art dental lab facility) in Irvine California:For More 4K ULTRA HD Video and Digital...  Read More
001: Dr. Brady Frank on How to Build Multiple Practices and Retire Wealthy
Dr. Brady Frank on How to Build Multiple Practices LiCstenSubscribeThanks for joining today’s episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast! Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you know today’s guest Dr. Brady Frank.Brady is a serial...  Read More
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Taking command of your implant restorations.
Taking command of your implant restorations.-Where to start, case management and team communication on implant systems.Dr. David Hornbrook talks with Steve T. (Lab Manager) at Keating Dental Arts about diagnosing dental implant restorative cases. For more information on Dental implants visit our...  Read More
The View from Across the Bench
The View from Across the Bench(Discussing the relationship between clinicians and their dental laboratories.)David Hornbrook DDS interviews (LAB MANAGER) Bob Brandon from Keating Dental Arts in Irvine California…on the relationship between clinicians and their technicians. |Feel free to...  Read More
You put what?  Where? |Discussing dental materials and restorative options|
You put what? Where?|Discussing dental materials and restorative options|Join Dr. David Hornbrook DDS as he discusses the different materials he uses and recommends for indirect restorative options from Sunny Laguna Beach California.  Read More
Increasing your Practice Exponentially
Special guest, Dee Dee Reid from D2 coaching and consulting and Dr. David Hornbrook go "dental up" on em and give an overview on increasing your practice exponentially, moving forward with your Dental education, technology and connecting with your patients.For more dental news, 4K Ultra HD videos...  Read More
Marching Forth with your Practice's Vision |Special Guest: Dr. Lincoln Parker|
Marching Forth with your Practice's Vision |Special Guest: Dr. Lincoln Parker|Dentiststalk "truth" on enhancing your local practice, community integration and Marketing do's and dont's...wrapping it together with the willingness to go the extra mile for what you are most passionate about in...  Read More
Dental Up... live and uncut!
Shaun Keating CDT & Dr. David Hornbrook Educate, inform, Motivates and excites dentists and their teams on dental practice innovations that are happing NOW. Using a "Off the cuff" and HONEST approach Dr. Hornbrook offerstopics on dental education, technology, products and the dental society....  Read More
Guided Implant Surgery with Sheldon Lerner, DMD : Howard Speaks Podcast #89
 Stream Audio here:                                    AUDIO - Sheldon Lerner - HSP #89                        Watch Video here:                                    VIDEO - Sheldon Lerner - HSP #89                        Howard and Sheldon talk about the problems surrounding implantology today, and...  Read More
Fundamentals of Back Pain in Dentistry
Can’t sleep. Can’t bend over. Can’t walk through stores. Can’t stand to make dinner. Can’t clean myhouse. Can’t pick up my children/grandchildren. Can’t drive for very long. Can’t put on pants normally. Can’t sit through a movie. Can’t...  Read More
Corporate Dentistry Is Not The Devil
Over and over again I hear dentists talk about corporate dentistry as the enemy. I’ve even heard doctors refer to their corporate competition as “the devil,” practically spitting out the words.Obviously this is a topic that stirs up a lot of emotion, and it’s clear why....  Read More
Doing Braces Right with Dr. Rick DePaul, Jr. : Howard Speaks Podcast #88
Watch Video here: VIDEO - Rick DePaul, Jr. - HSP #88 Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Rick DePaul, Jr. - HSP #88 Listen to Howard and Rick talk about how Six Months Braces work, why...  Read More
Cosmetic Dentistry Is About Happiness, Not Beauty with Dr. Miguel Stanley : Howard Speaks Podcast #87
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Miguel Stanley - HSP #87 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Miguel Stanley - HSP #87 Dr. Stanley explains why he started a makeover TV show, and how his experience...  Read More
How To Get Into Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Arthur Volker : Howard Speaks Podcast #86
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Arthur Volker - HSP #86 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Arthur Volker - HSP #86 You'll hear why Dr. Volker joined Dentaltown, how to get into cosmetic dentistry,...  Read More
A Dental Practice Leader Has a Vision and a Plan
In my previous post,, I asked you to step outside of your role as the Doctor and into your role as CEO. I urged you to employ the concept of Ruthless Honesty when assessing the daily operations of your practice. I assume you’ve done your homework. So now let’s look at how to go from...  Read More
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