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Anxious & Special Needs Patients with Harvey Levy : Howard Speaks Podcast #131
Most anxious and special needs patients can actually be treated in an office.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Harvey Levy - HSP #131 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Harvey Levy - HSP #131 One of...  Read More
024: Dr. Jason Campbell - Big Profits In Complex Care
024: Dr. Jason Campbell - Big Profits In Complex Care Welcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. On today’s show I am speaking with to Dr. Jason Campbell. Dr. Campbell is a general dentist that focuses on surgical...  Read More
Dr. Ron Jackson & Dr. David Hornbrook square off on Dental UP!
Dr. Ron Jackson and Dr. David Hornbrook square off on this weeks episode of DENTAL UP!Discover how they show their passion for patient benefit through long lasting dental materials and ingenuity. Here's a rare chance to hear from David and Ron outside of the lectures.For more on Dr. Ron Jackson...  Read More
Grow Your Dental Business with Penny Reed : Howard Speaks Podcast #130
See Penny Reed speak at  Early bird pricing extended. Learn more...Success "starts in a place that's different than most dentists believe. And it really begins with their attitude."Stream Audio here:                                                                                                    ...  Read More
Did You Get Your Hygiene Department Tune-Up?
It's been another 7500 miles and I know I need to take my car in for a tune-up!Thankfully I get a loaner vehicle so I don't have any major interruptions in my work and personal life.I also trust the dealership where I take my car and that's important to me.What about you? Do you take your car in...  Read More
Staying Active and Healthy While Practicing Dentistry: Dr. Boers' Story
Dr. Chad Boers graciously agreed to write a blog about how he manages to stay healthy and the benefits of exercise on his practice. Many thanks to him to take time out of his busy schedule to provide some insight and share his experience on this important topic that he is so passionate about....  Read More
Cosmetic Dentistry In The Middle East with Thamer Theeb : Howard Speaks Podcast #129
Find out exactly why Dr. Theeb loves creating smiles and changing lives.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Thamer Theeb - HSP #129 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Thamer Theeb - HSP #129 Learn...  Read More
Esthetics of Periodontics with Roberto Rossi, DDS : Howard Speaks Podcast #128
Which general dentists are most proud of their implant work? Are periodontists the only ones consumers should really trust for implants?Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Roberto Rossi - HSP #128 Watch Video here: ...  Read More
The NHS Lately with Dr. Dev Patel : Howard Speaks Podcast #127
"I've got a few plans of how we can change the NHS…but the dentistry system in the UK is run by 10 or 20 very old school dentists. I've got a vision of a new system that's fully private; no government backing, patients pay a low fee. To change a whole country, it's going to take a...  Read More
Search Engine Optimisation For Dummies
Search Engine Optimisation (part one)Using search engine optimisationNEIL SANDERSON DENTAL MARKETING EXPERTYou are probably aware that Google now gives the top three search results to it’s paid advertising e.g. pay per click or Google Adwords. This is without doubt the most effective and...  Read More
Mobilegeddon How Did You Fair?
MobilegeddonFrom the 21st April Mobilegeddon happens, you need to act nowFor some time now I’ve been banging on about how your website should be mobile ready because 60% of all search is now carried out on mobile devices and you should have your website ready for these visitors.Well things...  Read More
Why Would A Dental Practice Want A Mobile App
Why Would Your Patients Want Your Mobile App?When the developers of the dental mobile app first approached me this was the first thing I said to them. Let’s face it why on earth would anyone want to to got the trouble of downloading your mobile app?First let me explain what a mobile app is....  Read More
What Are Dietary Supplements?
Walk into any pharmacy and you will see rows and rows of vitamins and dietary supplements. While many nutritionists and doctors agree that supplements can help fill gaps in nutrition, you might not know what they are and how they help. This article written with the help ofAs defined by Congress in...  Read More
Categories: modern diet
7 Practical Tips in Choosing a Dentist
There are a lot of dentists out there but being able to find the right one for you can be a tough task. If you are able to settle with such mediocre dental services then looking for a dental firm that you can work with will not be that hard. There are a lot of things that you have to consider in...  Read More
Be An Amazing Implantologist with Bill Schaeffer : Howard Speaks Podcast #126
"Don't be afraid of going short...I ask people all the time, 'Why are you afraid of short implants--that you put a patient through an unnecessary bone graft just so you can get a longer one in? You don't need it. Stay far away from the nerve."Stream Audio here: ...  Read More
023: Dr. David Malolely - Are You A Relentless Dentist?
023: Dr. David Malolely - Are You A Relentless Dentist? Welcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. On today’s show I am speaking with to Dr. David Malolely, the host of the “Relentless Dentist” podcast and...  Read More
Hygiene Dept Tune Up with Debra Seidel-Bittke : Howard Speaks Podcast #125
"If I'm a dental hygienist, it's my job to help my patients want to come and see me."Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Debra Seidel Bittki - HSP #125 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Debra Seidel Bittke - HSP #125 ...  Read More
All About Implant Dentistry with Danny Domingue : Howard Speaks Podcast #124
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Danny Domingue - HSP #124 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Danny Domingue - HSP #124 Howard and Danny discuss everything implantology, including whether or not you...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Staff Training, Systems and Hiring the Right People.
If you have a staff problem, it turns into a system problem. And vise versa. If you have a training problem there’s a good chance it will turn into a staff problem. Now, you have two things you have to handle. And very often, you have three things to handle— TheStaff Infection, because...  Read More
Oral Radiology: Past Present & Future with Anthony Mecham : Howard Speaks Podcast #123
Is CBCT now standard for general dentists? When should you refer out to a radiologist? Are we giving patients brain tumors? Listen in.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Anthony Mecham - HSP #123 Watch Video here: ...  Read More
6 Advantages of Dental Implants
For those of you who still do not know of this dental technology, dental implants is the best option there is when it comes to missing lost teeth. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants are being hooked into the bones of the teeth and are being placed permanently. When using dental implants, no...  Read More
Categories: dental implant
Is Your Front Desk Missing Something? with Mary Beth Bajornas : Howard Speaks Podcast #122
"Some practices don't even have voice mail. They just ring incessantly when they're not in the office". If this sounds even remotely familiar, Mary Beth has your solution.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Mary Beth Bajornas - HSP #122 Watch Video...  Read More
Modern Practice Management with Bruce Stephenson : Howard Speaks Podcast #121
"Dentists are not interested in business" - Dr. StephensonStream Audio here: AUDIO - Bruce Stephenson - HSP #121 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Bruce Stephenson - HSP #121 Practice...  Read More
022: Dr. Aaron Nicholas - The Monday Morning Dentist
022: Dr. Aaron Nicholas - Monday Morning Dentistry Welcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. On today’s show I am speaking with to Dr. Aaron Nicholas, a 27 year veteran of clinical dentistry and a master of...  Read More
Website Analytics, Boring? Yes. But You Need to Be Using Them! (Podcast)
It is crucial to understand where your website traffic is coming from.In this episode, Tyson talks about the 4 kinds of traffic and why it isimportant to use Website Analytics.What was discussed? Quote for the day is: “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong...  Read More
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