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Patient Amazement with Shep Hyken : Howard Speaks Podcast #119
Part of taking care of your staff is teaching them how to wow your patients. Teach your staff how to amaze your patients every time.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Shep Hyken - HSP #119 Watch Video here: VIDEO -...  Read More
Solid Team Development with Linda Miles : Howard Speaks Podcast #118
A common goal is just the beginning. An effective team has to not only agree on the end, but also the means to that end.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Linda Miles - HSP #118 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Linda...  Read More
Women Leaders with Gina Dorfman : Howard Speaks Podcast #117
"Women make excellent leaders but, just like any other skill, leadership skills need to be learned."Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Gina Dorfman - HSP #117 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Gina Dorfman - HSP #117 ...  Read More
Thrive In The Digital World with Scott Menaker : Howard Speaks Podcast #116
"Having technology for the sake of having it is pretty stupid. Having it when it's to your useful advantage is the key."Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Scott Menaker - HSP #116 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Scott...  Read More
9 Things You Never Want to Hear An Employee Say - Live from HR Base Camp Podcast #4
Today’s Live from HR Base Camp podcast is hosted by Paul and Kurt, andthey’ll be discussing what to do if you learn an employee has beensaying problematic things. 9 Things Click to subscribe to CEDR's Podcast   Read More
021: Chris Torres - Is Your Financial Future at Risk?
021: Chris Torres - Is Your Financial Future at Ri Welcome to another episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast!I've spent my entire career laser focused on building my businesses, income and wealth. But it wasn't until very recently, that I...  Read More
Stop Caring with Mac Lee : Howard Speaks Podcast #115
Stop caring about what your patients might think. You're not in control of others' thoughts or feelings. Whether it's a procedure a patient needs, or accountability for your staff, be polite, and just tell them plainly what they need to hear.Stream Audio here: ...  Read More
Is Periodontics Dead? with Charles Schlesinger, DDS : Howard Speaks Podcast #114
"We should try to save teeth if we can...because no matter what we put in, they're never going to be as good as the teeth the patient has started out with."Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Charles Schlesinger - HSP #114 Watch Video here: ...  Read More
Keep It Safe And Simple with Jan Kielhorn : Howard Speaks Podcast #113
"Germany is the country of engineers. We have solutions that are perfect, technically, but they are not simple to maintain."Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Jan Kielhorn - HSP #113 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Jan...  Read More
Job Descriptions, and Why You Need Them
Job descriptions are often the last item on a long list of to-dos when it comes to your employees. However, job descriptions are an essential tool in managing your employees and reducing your risk of liability.What makes them so powerful? Job descriptions are a written summary of the job duties and...  Read More
Maternity Leave - Live from HR Base Camp Podcast #3
Today's episode of Live from HR Base Camp deals with maternity leave, and making sure your practice has the right policies in place. Join Paul and special guest Grace as they discuss common scenarios that can play out when an employee becomes pregnant. Maternity...  Read More
Magic Words with Patrick Wahl : Howard Speaks Podcast #112
"Instead of saying 'I have to', say 'I get to'"Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Patrick Wahl - HSP #112 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Patrick Wahl - HSP #112 Patrick Wahl served as the Director...  Read More
Even guys with grays... get social marketing these days.
5 important items every dental or clinical practice should know about social media marketing in 2015 and where to start - you'll be surprised at what Jack has to say.Dr. Hornrbook gets social in a dynamic interview with Jack Hadley (@Jack_Hadley) of in this edition of Dental...  Read More
020: Treatment Plan Acceptance: A Counterintuitive Approach
020: Treatment Plan Acceptance: A CounterintuitiveApproach Welcome to another episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast. In today's episode, Dr. Mark Costes discusses what he calls his "un-sexy" approach to treatment plan acceptance.There is no...  Read More
Marketing Fallacies (And How To Defeat Them) with James McAnally : Howard Speaks Podcast #111
"We're a gadget-oriented profession...The reality is patients don't care about any of these things unless it's going to make their life easier, faster, cheaper, better, less painful..." Tell your patients--in their language--the actual benefits of these gadgets.Stream Audio here: ...  Read More
Correct your smile and build confidence by opting for orthodontics
Have you ever seen people who in spite of being happy, fail to smile? Even if they do smile, they hide their mouth with hands. Well, the reason for this is crooked teeth that cause embarrassment to them. This is quite similar every where globally. If you are a resident of Texas who faces similar...  Read More
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