1054 The Future of CBCT Technology with Dr. Dale Miles : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Miles is Adjunct Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology with the University of Texas in San Antonio. He was Chair of the Department of Oral Health Sciences at the University of Kentucky, the graduate program director of Diagnostic Sciences at Indiana University, and has held positions at...  Read More
Tips for CBCT Positioning and Troubleshooting
Tips for CBCT Positioning and TroubleshootingYou have a new CBCT machine in your office and you are excited. You want to get the most outof your investment, which means you need to know how to position your patients. If youproperly position your patients, your machine will take clear...  Read More
Is Cone Beam a Cost-Efficient Service?
Is Cone Beam a Cost-Efficient Service?Adding new equipment to your dental practice is a big decision. Before moving forward, youwant to make sure that it’s a cost-efficient choice. That is the case with anything, but especiallywhen it comes to cone beam technology. One of these devices goes...  Read More
#AskTBone - Sleep Apnea, Medical Billing, and CBCT
#AskTbone - Sleep Apnea, Medical Billing, and CBCT Hello and welcome back for another episode of ask T-Bone.Today we've been submitted a question, and I would like to read the question as it was submitted. Well certainly there is a three or...  Read More
Why I CBCT Everyone with Dr. Neal Patel : Howard Speaks Podcast #67
Stream Audio Here:                                    HSP #67 with Neal Patel audio                        Watch Video Here:                                    HSP #67 with Neal Patel video                        "I scan ALL MY PATIENTS" --Dr. Neal Patel. Listen as he explains exactly what is so...  Read More
Categories: CAD/CAM, cbct, dr neal patel
Implantology: There Is No Magic Bullet with Dr. Bill Holden : Howard Speaks Podcast #46
You can spend $100k+ on a CBCT machine, send for surgical guides on every case and have the top of line implant systems, but in the end implantology is good old fashioned oral surgery.  You have to know what you're doing.However Dr. Bill Holden shares that, "a simple, flapless, cherry-picked...  Read More
Implants Made Easy with Dr. August de Oliveira : Howard Speaks Podcast #35
Dr. August de Oliveira shares how he routinely uses CBCT for endodontic diagnosis, implant treatment planning and surgical stent fabrication.  Learn about Dr. de Oliveira's books 'Implants Made Easy' and 'Guided Implantology Made Easy.' Dr. de Oliveira shares how he changes his surgical treatment...  Read More
"Should I buy a CBCT?" & How to Use It with Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez : Howard Speaks Podcast #26
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez talk aboutoral radiology, CBCT, CAT scans and more!Listen to the Show on iTunesClick here to listen on iTunesStream the Podcast Here:                                                                                                                       ...  Read More
The Highest Margin Procedure in Dentistry with Dr. Dale Miles : Howard Speaks Podcast #16
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Dale Miles discuss cone beam CT and X-ray risks.Audio Podcast:                                                                                                Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #16 with Dr. Dale Miles                                    Video Podcast:             ...  Read More
 What Are the Benefits of CBCT Technology?
What Are the Benefits of CBCT Technology?You’re on the fence about CBCT technology and you want to get as much information aspossible before making a purchase. Learning the benefits of CBCT technology is a big part ofyour research. In fact, once you...  Read More

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