Multiple Choice Questions, 3 Tips To Be Better!
Multiple Choice Questions, 3 Tips To Be Better!You will only see multiple choice questions on the ). There is no fill in the blank or essay (thank goodness!), so mastering a multiple-choice question strategy is crucial to scoring higher. Here are some helpful tips:1. Read the questions without...  Read More
[TRICKS] How to Memorize Hypertension Drug Suffix Easily!
Memorization Made EasyAre you having difficulty in memorizing those numerous drug names especially the hypertension drugs with different kinds of suffixes? I know how hard and confusing it is as I did struggle with that when I was a student until I learned some techniques in memorizing them.I know...  Read More
What Hygiene Department Benchmarks Will Make Your Practice More Profitable?
How effective is your hygiene department?How can you be your most profitable without working harder?Are you running on all cylinders?Join us Thursday April 21st at 5:30 PM Pacific as Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS shares the "5 Hygiene Department Benchmarks and what you need to know to run on all 5...  Read More
The scores of 15 dental hygiene students are: 80, 85, 67, 90, 86, 87, 85, 90, 83, 75, 89, 82, 82, 88, and 85. What is the mode?
The scores of 15 dental hygiene students are: 80, 85, 67, 90, 86, 87, 85, 90, 83, 75, 89, 82, 82, 88, and 85. What is the mode? 75 80 85 90Answer: C. 85Mode is the value that is most frequently observed. In this case, 85 is observed 3 times.Median is the number that separates the data...  Read More
Which microorganism causes syphilis?
Which microorganism causes syphilis?(A). Treponema pallidum(B). Streptococcus pyogenes(C). Herpes virus(D). Epstein-Barr virusAnswer: (A). Treponema pallidumSyphilis is caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum.Streptococcal pharyngitis and scarlet fever is caused by the bacterium Streptococcus...  Read More
5 Strategies to help you pass the National Dental Hygiene Board Examination
What can you do tomaximize your chances of succeeding at your regional and ?Here are 5 strategies that have proven to work with students I mentoredat, and I would liketo share them with you so you can also successfully pass all of yourexaminations.1.Findthe key words in the question (at all...  Read More
What  Do You Think Happened When I Told My Patients They Have Periodontal Disease?
Hygienists see patients daily who have perio.What do you say when a longtime, routine hygiene patient who now has perio disease?Are you nervous they may go to another office if you tell them things in their mouth are not status-quo today?Will they complain because their insurance doesn't pay for...  Read More
Are You Concerned About Telling Your Hygiene Patients They Have Periodontal Diease?
Do you have patients who have been coming to your office for years and now, all of a sudden, show signs of periodontal disease?Are you concerned they may leave the office if you tell them they have periodontal disease?View this video. Get a pen and paper to take some notes and write down...  Read More

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