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Poor Ergonomics to Blame for Neck and Back Pain among Dentists
CBD Oil Can Help With Muscle Tension and Pain Chronic back pain is common among the United States population.Nearly 80% of Americans will encounter back pain at some point in theirlife, and the New England Journal of Medicine  in The Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 70% of dentists deal with...  Read More
Episode 29: Stretch better!
Episode 29: Stretch better!Most people don't know how to stretch properly. Episode 29 of 7 Minute Solutions outlines a research based stretch program for dental professionals that can lead to actual change in the flexibility and reduction of pain.Be Healthy and Practice Safely!  Read More
Episode 28: Becoming Gumby. How to stretch effectively.
                                    Episode 28: Becoming Gumby                        Ever wonder why you stretch and stretch and nothing seems to change?  Most likely it is because you aren't doing it correctly.  How could you when you've never been taught how to?This week's series tackles the...  Read More
Episode 27: The undisputed best treatment for back pain.
 Although we have only scratched the surface of back pain in dentistry with this series, this episode will dispell some myths about treatment of back pain and what treatment has been recommended over and over again in research.  Find out what that treatment is and how to find the best person to...  Read More
Episode 26: Pressure, posture and pain.
                                    Episode 26: Pressure, posture and pain                        What types of pressure create back pain in your dental practice?  How can you begin the journey to correcting your own posture while you practice and reduce the pain?These questions and more are...  Read More
Episode 25: Back pain in dentistry.
                                    Episode 25: Back pain in dentistry                        Back pain in dentistry is an epidemic.  In this week's series we tackle why dental professionals experience pain, how posture and stress create it and what the undisputed evidence tells us is the best...  Read More
Episode 22: What is carpal tunnel syndrome anyway?
                                    What is carpal tunnel                         Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a very common neurological dysfunction in dentistry that can cost the practice and practitioner tens of thousands of dollars.This week, 7 Minute Solutions for Dental Professionals...  Read More
Episode 21: Don't just stretch!
While stretching is probably the most common exercise dental professionals do in their huddles, it may also be the least effective. Learn how to create a healthy huddle program and why stretching is a lot like flossing!Feel free to take advantage of the free download to learn how to get started...  Read More
Episode 20: Huddles and Ninjas
                                    Episode 20: Huddles and Ninjas                        Just like a professional sports team, huddles are essential to a healthy and productive dental practice.  In this episode, we are going to discuss how you can use your huddle to create support systems for...  Read More
Episode 19: How is your huddle's health?
How Morning huddles are great opportunities for getting your team on the same page with regard to patient care and the plan for the day. How well are you using this valuable time to also protect the...  Read More
Episode 17: Where is your head?
Do you know where your head is? This is a legimate questions for dental professionals. Many times you don't! Not knowing where your head is or how to practice with your head in the correct position can lead to a lot of muscloskeletal problems in dentistry. ...  Read More
Episode 18: The Blessed Union: How postural awareness and ergonomics are the perfect marriage in dentistry.
Episode 18: The Blessed Union Postural awareness and ergonomics are eternally linked. One without the other is simply not complete. In this episode we conclude our week of postural awareness and discuss...  Read More
Episode 16: Fundamentals of Dental Ergonomics
Ergonomic solutions not working out for you? Take 7 minutes to explore the fundamentals of understanding posturing while practicing dentistry from a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or Podbean. Episode 16: The Fundamentals ...  Read More
Microscopes in General Dentistry?  Reduce Pain and Improve Quality of Work!
Dr. Charles Payet has practiced general dentistry for 19 years. Eight years ago he started using a microscope because he had developed back pain and he hasn't looked back! Learn how incorporating microscopes into his general practice has not only reduced his pain, but has greatly improved his...  Read More
Do Not Buy Dental Loupes.....until you hear this! are essential for healthy dental practice. This episode you will learn to:Select which loupes are right for you.Avoid common mistakes made when choosing loupes.Choose quality lighting systems.Measure your own working distance.And much much more!Become an informed...  Read More
How Four Handed Dentistry Can Save Your Back and Your Practice!
Join this week's podcast from Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals as I speak with Dr. Martyn Amsel about how four handed dentistry creates positive changes in dental offices, including physical ones! Meet Dr. Amsel in the video below and then visit for the full podcast beginning April...  Read More
5 Steps for Optimal Posture
Selecting and adjusting your operator stool is perhaps the most important factor in creating a healthy posture while you are practicing and staving off musculoskeletal disorders.Listen to Healthy Solutions for Dental Professional podcast for tips on how to properly adjust your chair. Free PDF...  Read More
Ergonomics saves one dentist's practice
Dr. Agour felt old even though he wasn't. After only a little over a decade practicing dentistry, he found that when he was with his colleagues the conversations always turned to aches and pains. Since he had so many years ahead of him to practice, he needed a solution. He found it! Now he...  Read More
You can practice dentistry pain free.....I promise
Have you been practicing dentistry for decades and live with chronic pain? Do you feel as though there is no hope for you?So did Dr. Aniko Ball, an Australian dentist who practiced for over 30 years. Even though she had been deemed a hopeless case by the medical establishment, Dr. Ball still had...  Read More
Dentistry Without Pain
Are you one of the 80% of dentists practicing dentistry with pain? Do you dismiss it and just take over the counter medication to get through the day? Have you tried "everything" but nothing seems to help?Dentistry can be the most rewarding profession in the world. Most practitioners love their...  Read More
Episode 2: 2 Minute Body Reboot for Healthier Dental Practice
Episode 2: 2 Minute Body Reboot for Healthier Dental Practice The 1-2 minute time span in between your patients can be used to make you healthier!Join me as I discuss how a 2 minute reboot can reduce your pain and increase your energy...  Read More
Reducing Neck and Shoulder Pain while Standing in Dentistry
Episode 1: Reducing Neck and Shoulder Pain while Standing in Dentistry Learn how to position yourself for health while I answer questions from Dr. Abbas Haider from Atlanta in this first official episode. Be Healthy and Practice Safely!  Read More
Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals  Episode 0: The Who, What and When
Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals Episode 0: The Who, What and W Introducing a new podcast dedicated to answering all of yourquestions about how to practice dentistry safely, decrease your risk of developing pain and increasing...  Read More
A funny thing about dentistry.....
Work related musculoskeletal disorders in dentistry are 100% preventable.I know what you're thinking. You are thinking, Juanita, come on....if that is really true, why are 90% of dental students reporting pain while they are still in school. Why is ill health cited in 67% of dentists who retire...  Read More
Effective Stretching: Are you doing it right?
“I stretch my neck all of the time.” Dr. Iminpain, DDS proudly declares.“You do? That’s great! How long do you hold the stretch?” I feel a great sense of hope as our consulting session begins. Maybe he has picked up a valuable tool that we can work with to help reduce...  Read More
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