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#181: Using Video To Become Ultra-Magnetic To Your Perfect Prospects and Clients w/ Amanda Aschinger of Solstice Productions Video
If you’ve ever wondered what to say on your videos or how to structure them so they convert prospects into paying clients, customers, or patients look no further.   Amanda reveals how video can be the secret weapon for taking your business from where it is today to becoming the most sought-after in...  Read More
#180 - How To Instantly Become The Most-Magnetic, Most-Trusted and Most-Respected Brand In Your Niche
CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO/DOWNLOAD This Episode On iTunes!The most important component for becoming magnetic to your perfect prospects and patients is to share recognition when you do a great job.Your patients, their employees and your employees don’t want to be treated as commodities. More...  Read More
##179: (1 of 2) - Video Marketing Strategies For Becoming The Most In-Demand Brand In Your Marketplace w/Amanda Aschinger of Solstice Productions Video
Part (1 of 2) with Amanda Aschinger, Co-Founder of Solstice Productions Video.  On today’s episode Amanda’s going to show us the most-effective way to use video in your marketing and your communications. She’ll also show us how to incorporate video in your sales processes. The end-result of today’s...  Read More
#178 – Give Your Practice A Fast Start In 2019 With Revenue Generating Actions from the Sales Control™ System (and Others)
CLICK HERE To Listen To This Episode On iTunes!91.4% of businesses implement Revenue Generating Actions (RGA) on average a whopping five days or less per month. RGA’s are designed to:    Give you a quick surge of new clients so you can get up and running as quickly as possible in the New Year.  ...  Read More
#175 – The Perfect Blueprint For Helping Your Practice Get A Fast Start In 2019: Improve Your Motivation & Stoke Your Drive To Succeed
Research reveals that ultra-high performers share one the critical psychological trait known as “the inner drive to succeed”.  This inner drive is a compilation of optimism; competitiveness and need for achievement. So, as we approach the end of 2018, I want to give you a highly-effective tool … (a...  Read More
#173 - AMAZING DISCOVERY! The Lost Art of Marketing That Can Transform Your Ability To Attract and Convert New Patients
If your marketing is generating lackluster results chances are you’re using the “old-way” of marketing. The “old-way” of marketing fails to see the world through the eyes of the people we want our ideas to matter to. Marketing that forces people to pay attention to what you have to say or sell;...  Read More
#172 - Who Are You Trying To Change with Your Marketing?
On today’s episode I’m going to ask you a very important question. On the surface it may seem like a simple question, but when you ask it and then answer it on a deep and meaningful level you’ll discover that it just may be the most profound question you’ve never really answered. A question that...  Read More
#171 - Introducing The NEW Sales Control Framework for Creating Highly Effective Marketing for Your Practice
Today we’re told to get more of what you already want.  More market share; more clients; more money. I want to caution you about falling into that trap.So, if you want to get tremendous value out of this new training, the question to ask is simple: What change are you seeking to make?  From what to...  Read More
#170 - (2 of 2) The FunnelTribes Manifesto: The Mindset and Methodology So You Can Get More Clients and Build Your Tribe with Certainty.
I’ve been getting a lot of questions from our listeners over the last several weeks (not only about the show) but about FunnelTribes & specifically about my approach and strategy (as it relates to working with our Members). In this episode (Part #2 of the FunnelTribes Manifesto) … you’ll discover...  Read More
#169 – The SECRET Behind All Marketing That Sells!
People don’t want your products and services, they want what it will do for them.  They want it for the way it will make them feel. When you get right down to it, most of us deliver the same feelings. We just do it with different services, with different products and stories.   If you can give...  Read More
#168 - (1 of 2) The FunnelTribes Manifesto: The Mindset and Methodology So You Can Get More Clients and Build Your Tribe with Certainty.
This is episode #168 and today I’m going a different route with the show.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions from our listeners over the last several weeks (not only about the show) but about FunnelTribes & specifically about my approach and strategy (as it relates to working with Members) in...  Read More
#167 – (3 of 3) Avoid Disaster When Selling Internet Leads Over the Phone: Handling Last-Minute Objections That Occur In The Heart Of Your Close
Even though Sales Control™ gives you the power to capture internet leads; schedule appointments and crush your sales calls, you’re still never going to convert 100% of your leads. On today’s final episode in this series, I’m going to reveal the framework (called and give you the exact...  Read More
#166 - (2 of 3) “Closing More Internet Leads Over The Phone Series” SPECIAL SERIES ON THE CLOSE – Make More Sales Using The Slot Close
Remember, the purpose of the trial close is to uncover any objections before you attempt to close. Today I’ll show you the slot close, which is incredibly powerful, yet simple to use. So, after your lead answers the trial close question, you’ll begin final closing sequence by asking them two simple...  Read More
#163 - Building Your Brand with the Science of Trust and Authority
To build your Brand recognition your primary goal should be to achieve authority status in the minds of your prospects and clients. But you’ve got to become more than an authority today if this is going to work for you. You’ve got to become a Trusted Authority. Trust is one of the most valuable...  Read More
#162 – (Sales Control™ “Closing More Internet Leads “ Series) BONUS Episode #1) The Single BEST Script for Transitioning from Your Pitch Into The Closing Sequence
LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON iTunes - CLICK HEREToday you’ll get the perfect script for transitioning from your pitch into your closing sequence.  But before I give you the script, I’m going to tell you what “NOT” to say.  I hear business owners (and their teams) across the country using this strategy...  Read More
#161 - (8 of 8) Introducing The Benefit Tie down Framework - The Technique for Seamlessly Transitioning Into Your Closing Sequence
The benefit tiedown framework, the ultimate technique for seamlessly transitioning into your closing sequence.  Virtually everyone sells features when pitching internet leads.The benefit tiedown framework, the ultimate technique for seamlessly transitioning into your closing sequence.  Virtually...  Read More
#160 – (7 of 8) Setting Up Your Phone Sales Closing Sequence with Internet Leads Using The Five Yeses Technique
Today we’re covering the Sales Control™ System “Five-Yeses” technique, and the success of this element is why digging deep is so important.This is why I told you to write down everything your lead tells you earlier in this process. So, all we’re doing with the “Five Yeses” technique is placing the...  Read More
#159 – (6 of 8) Close More Sales By Identifying and Overcoming Objections BEFORE Your Lead Brings Them Up
One of the worst feelings you can have occurs when you’ve finished a killer sales pitch to a highly-qualified internet phone lead & then BAM! You’re blindsided by an objection that you didn't see coming like: “Thanks for your time but I need to think about it.”With Sales Control™ when you get to...  Read More
#156 – (5 of 8): How To Build Trust With Internet Leads In Two Simple Steps
When it comes to building trust with Internet leads, we’ve found that keeping it simple and focused is what works best. In fact, there are only 2-things you need to say in order to build enough trust with your lead to:            Get them mentally ready to buy, and            Ready to move into the...  Read More
134 (1 of 2) "How Can I Transition My Offline Business Online As Fast As Possible?" A ‘Live’ Business Building Blueprint Session w/ Andy Young
Today's guest is not a Dentist ... but the lessons I'm teaching will apply directly to your practice.In this episode we're doing a 'LIVE' business blueprinting session with Andy Young of ).Andy has built a six-figure business (working part time), but it requires him to do more "hands on" work than...  Read More
107 - “Why The Most Successful Dentists and Professionals Do A Pre-Meeting Planning Session”
When trying to generate new business in today’s hyper-competitive environment in can be tough to get appointments with decision makers As you know, if you can’t get a meeting with the decision maker you’re not gonna convert the prospect into a paying patient.  So, when you CAN get a meeting with...  Read More
The Truth About High-Ticket Clients and How to Use High-Converting Sales Funnels Online To Get Them
Truth About New Patients & Online Sales Funnels I wanna start off by asking you an important question: “What's the difference between a six-figure, seven-figure, and eight-figure practice?” And the reason I asked that question (is because when I first started to scale my companies) … I really...  Read More
5 Ways Dentists Can Connect With Their Patients
When it comes to youror connecting with your patients, there are so many things involved that can cause a relationship to go down the tubes. The secretary answering the phone in a less professional manner. A patient coming on the 'wrong' day. You know the day that you have patients back...  Read More
10 Things Dentist Wish They Knew When Buying a Dental Practice
Buying a dental practice is no doubt one of the biggest decision you'll ever make. How do you make sure you ask the right questions, and get what you really think you are buying? We asked 8 dentists to tell us what they wish they'd known before buying their practice. Here's what they have to say....  Read More
21 Tips to To A More Profitable Dental Practice
There's no doubt, all dentists that I speak to want at least 1 thing, that is to be more profitable. Sometimes that means taking on more patients. Other times, it means being more efficient with what you have. Here's 21 ways you can make your practice more profitable. Tyson Downs is an...  Read More
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