105 - The Best-Kept Secret for Creating Explosive Growth That You Probably Know But Perhaps Aren't Following
The first commandment of getting and keeping high-quality patients is to treat every new and existing patient as you would treat yourself.  As an example:            Do you like to be overcharged?            Under served?             How about being put on hold for 15 minutes when you’re simply...  Read More
Lorraine Guth on Practice Efficiency
In this episode of The Dental Marketing Guy Show, helps us understand the changes happening in the dental industry over the last 10 years.Here are a few takeaway points Lorraine offers us from this episode:1. The administrative role of a dental office is now a marketing and treatment planning...  Read More
Episode #13: The top “offline” media for new patients
Episode #13: The top “offline” media for new patients Most dentists are so focused on online media to include SEO, googleAdwords, and social media, that they have almost completely ignored theopportunities traditional media can...  Read More
Episode #10: Maximize Patient Value with an End-of-Year Insurance Campaign
The purpose of today's radioshow is to share how you can motivate your insured pts to get treatmentdone and capture pt insurance benefits before their year-endexpiration.There are two primary motivations for your patients: A looming Deadline and Money – Vanishing resources motivate!Of course,...  Read More
What’s the Secret to Successful Dental Treatment Planning?
All successful dental treatment plans really depend upon the person who is involved in the treatment plan.The idiom“Different strokes for different folks,”can be used to explain a successfulpatienttreatment plan.What I saying here is that it really depends upon the person delivering the...  Read More
At any stage in your career you could be wanting to negotiate your pay with your employer. If you are just planning on walking into your employers office one morning and demanding a raise you are setting yourself up for failure. These things take time, research and patience. Below are 6 steps to...  Read More
Are You Concerned About Telling Your Patients They Have This______?
The above video is from a VLOG posted in November 2015The above video is from a November 2015 VLOG.It'san epidemicinoffices that we talk to almost weekly."Do You Fear Your Patients Will Go To Another Office If You Tell Them They Have Periodontal Disease?"Here is how you can begin to eliminate the...  Read More
Are You Concerned About Telling Your Hygiene Patients They Have Periodontal Diease?
Do you have patients who have been coming to your office for years and now, all of a sudden, show signs of periodontal disease?Are you concerned they may leave the office if you tell them they have periodontal disease?View this video. Get a pen and paper to take some notes and write down...  Read More
205 Back To Basics with Shelly Ryan : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
If you do it more than twice, you should have a checklist for it.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - HSP #205 - Shelly Ryan Watch Video here: VIDEO - HSP #205 - Shelly Ryan Going back to...  Read More

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