Google Marketing: The Holy Grail
Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. John Cannariato DMDHaving opened two practices in Tampa, Florida with a 3rd on its way, Dr. John Cannariato DMD explains the importance of standing out through marketing and offering unique services. Dr. John Cannariato explains how his practice gained 250 reviews and a 4.9...  Read More
Meet Canine®
Mighty MolarMan's® trusted companion and friend is his doggie, Canine®. When not howling at the moon, Canine® advocates for pets overall health and well-being."Doggies have molars too", reminds Canine®. He encourages families to take their pet in for a professional cleaning at the...  Read More
Meet Bling®
This fabulously wealthy star of stage and screen is all about bringing the drama… and the “Bling”. Known only by her flashy stage name, BLING®, not much else is known by her public about this drama queen other than the fact that she keeps a vast collection of priceless gems....  Read More
Meet Uncle Mo®
Uncle Mo®is a very eccentric guy, who lives alone on his (party) houseboat down at Molar Marina.He spends most days cruising the lake, fishing and taking in the sun... and what he enjoys most is entertaining all his friends and family on the boat.They enjoy the big slide and Tarzan swing...  Read More
Meet the Molar Patrollers®
The Molar Patrollers®patrol the streets and parks of Molar Towne, battling the evil forces of Bacteria Boy®, Dr. D.K.®, Necrotic®, and many other shady characters of MoTowne. Sometimes Mighty MolarMan®rides along, and they work with the Molar Rescue®Team to convert the...  Read More
Meet Manny Molar®
Manny® is MolarTowne's®soccer sensation!He gets his "kicks" by sneaking onto Molar Memorial Field late at night for a little practice, or an impromptu nighttime game with a few friends. The ladies just love Manny® (or so he thinks)... oh well, it's all good for the MolarsUnited®...  Read More
Meet Gummy Smiles®
GummyG® is Biggie's little brother. Like his brother, Gummy LOVES music, but despite his sincere efforts, has little to offer Biggie in the way of legit talent or content.Nevertheless, G-man tags along and tries very hard, and sometimes the results are hilarious... and even inspire Biggie and...  Read More
Meet Doctor D.K.®
Doctor Dennis Kavinski® was a practicing family dentist in MolarTowne® and by all accounts a fine, upstanding citizen with a very busy practice. However, in the private back section of his office was his laboratory, and research was his true passion. Research to find a cure for tooth decay...  Read More
Tiffany Krumins endorses "Molar in the Mirror"
— Tiffany KruminsTiffany Krumins, CEO/Partner with Barbara Corcoran,Ava the Elephant Brand, as seen on Shark Tank.  Read More
Meet Necrotic®
Necrotic®is an outlaw, oftentimes causing trouble down at the HighRoller Molar Saloon.He and Slim®have been known to scuffle, with both taking their lumps along the way. His tobacco-chewing and dipping habit has caused Necrotic®significant pain... eating away his gums and causing black,...  Read More

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