4 Possible Consequences of Not Having A Current Medical History
A common challenge that all of my colleagues and I face is to make sure that our patients’ medical and pharmacology histories are up to date and accurate. This is important because many of the common services offered by dentists are surgical in nature. And any surgery must be performed with...  Read More
How To Speak To Your Diabetic Patient's Physician
When I see a patient and I have questions about a medical history, I want information right then at the point of care. As a dentist with a focus on caring for patients with special needs, the health histories I encounter are usually complex. Having information to read about a disease is important,...  Read More
Identifying "Predatory" Journals
I, like many dentists in private practice, am presented daily with a number of professional reading options: journals, newsletters, online journals, and online communities with blogs. A balance of learning sources is required to keep one clinically sharp, enlightened and stimulated. And so in...  Read More
Red Alert: Uncontrollable Bleeding
As a long time practitioner within this series focused on susceptibility to infection, but this second article will focus on a risk foruncontrolled bleeding.Conditions related to uncontrolled bleeding are well known to clinicians. They usually involve a patient reporting specific medical conditions...  Read More
Complex Medical History=Time & Stress?
My new patient has arrived and presents her medical history. Let’s see….there are checks by these history questions: diabetes, heart disease, heart surgery, angina, bleeding disorder, neurological problems, lung disease and prosthetic joint replacement. She takes nine medications and...  Read More
Red Alert: Susceptibility for Infection
As a long time practitioner with,I have run the gamut when it comes to dealing with patient medical histories. I have experienced and learned the importance of being systematic when dealing with patient’s medical histories and to break them down into issues that are manageable. This requires...  Read More
Inside A Dentist's Mind: "Drug Reactions"
Dentists know that drugs are helpful for patients but that some care must always be given to make sure that the entire spectrum of activity of a drug is considered. We spend a lot of our clinical formation learning how they will impact our decision making. And though we encounter many of the same...  Read More
Why we need modern dental software and interoperability
Why we need modern dental software and interoperabilityIt has always been troubling to me that patients spend years under the care of a dentist and then when moving to another practice there is loss of continuity. The patient’s record does not follow the patient.This was not as big of a...  Read More
Caring for Special Needs Patients and their Families Part 2:The Examination and After Care
In our practices we all encounter special needs patients and their families.Many dentists excel in managing the challenges present in caring for special needs patients, but what about their families?Thisis the second installment (if you missed it,) of a few tips I have learned in more than thirty...  Read More
Caring for Special Needs Patients and their Families Part 1: Before the Appointment and Arrival to the Office
In our practices we all encounter special needs patients. Patients presenting with MS, ALS, CP, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s orother conditionsareand many dentists excel in managing them and providing quality care.But what about the special needs patient’s family? Do we always remember to...  Read More
Long Term Preventive Care: Ensuring Patient Loyalty
Over the past 35 years I have examined thousands of patients after their dental cleaning to check for problems such as decay and periodontitis. Eventually I realized that these standalone exams leave much to be desired. My ability to analyze dental health indicators over time, lacked a mechanism or...  Read More

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