Introducing the first Mescalero Apache Dentist Dr. Felicia Fontenot, DDS
On this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we have the honor of having Dr. Felicia Fontenot, DDS stop by and chat about being the first Mescalero Apache Dentist and how it’s important for her to apply her Public Health Skills to create a wide-scale Oral Healthcare Prevention Programs for...  Read More
Building Trust
| Shaun Keating + Dr. Dennis Murphy DDS |Dr. Dennis Murphy DDS is an experienced family dentist who had been practicing dentistry since 1977. He believes in minimally invasive dental techniques and has the desire to get to know each one of his patients making his job more rewarding. Dennis likes to...  Read More
Restorative Dentistry
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Don Harris DDS |Practicing dentistry since 1971, Dr. Don Harris DDS has cared for those who protect our nation. Serving as a dentist in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, he restored many pilot’s teeth. In the Air Force Dr. Harris gained experience in various...  Read More
Quality Patient Care
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Timothy Test DMD |Dr. Timothy Test DMD has been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry for the past 25 years in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Timothy has built his practice on one simple philosophy: He treats his patients the way he would like tobe treated himself. Timothy...  Read More
Eight Worst Impressions of Dental Diseases on Daily Life
Teeth are the wonderful blessing of nature to us. It’s our foremost responsibility to adopt oral hygience with heart and soul. , D.D.S., F.A.C.D., F.I.C.D. said : “Teeth don’t die a natural death, you kill them”. Described here are eight worst impressions of dental diseases...  Read More
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Red Alert: Susceptibility for Infection
As a long time practitioner with,I have run the gamut when it comes to dealing with patient medical histories. I have experienced and learned the importance of being systematic when dealing with patient’s medical histories and to break them down into issues that are manageable. This requires...  Read More
Inside A Dentist's Mind: "Drug Reactions"
Dentists know that drugs are helpful for patients but that some care must always be given to make sure that the entire spectrum of activity of a drug is considered. We spend a lot of our clinical formation learning how they will impact our decision making. And though we encounter many of the same...  Read More
Long Term Preventive Care: Ensuring Patient Loyalty
Over the past 35 years I have examined thousands of patients after their dental cleaning to check for problems such as decay and periodontitis. Eventually I realized that these standalone exams leave much to be desired. My ability to analyze dental health indicators over time, lacked a mechanism or...  Read More
Hospital Hell:  Dental care in the hospital
This post was inspired by a hellish experience and originally published to our office website. My own mother was in the hospital for two weeks. Although the life saving medical care was outstanding, the day to day focus on her mouth was non existent. It's a good thing she had a dentalhygienist and...  Read More

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