Orthodontist - Houston TX

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Orthodontist - Houston TX
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Dustin McCarty
Houston , Texas, US
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At Jefferson Dental Cares we LOVE our doctors! You'll enjoy practicing dentistry in a busy clinic with highly-trained, efficient assistants. You take care of the dentistry. We take care of the rest!


Orthodontists will actively practice orthodontia on behalf of the PLLC at assigned dental centers by providing orthodontic services to the PLLC’s patients. Orthodontists will also be responsible for abiding by and enforcing the PLLC’s policies and procedures, and any other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the PLLC or its authorized representatives.

Seeking a full time Orthodontist interested in working 5 days a week (including a couple Saturdays). Ideally we would like someone willing to start within 3-6 months and work between 2 offices with a dedicated team that travels with you.


Essential Functions

  • Ensure that PLLC quality standards are met
  • Always follow and abide by all federal, state and municipal laws, rules and regulations regarding employment and the practice of dentistry and the ethics of the dental profession
  • Consider Scope of Practice in all patient treatments and refer patients to specialists when necessary, first considering an ‘in house’ specialist when available and appropriate
  • Fit dental appliances in patients' mouths in order to alter the position and relationship of teeth and jaws, and to realign teeth.
  • Study diagnostic records such as medical/dental histories, plaster models of the teeth, photos of a patient's face and teeth, and X-rays in order to develop patient treatment plans.
  • Diagnose teeth and jaw or other dental-facial abnormalities.
  • Examine patients in order to assess abnormalities of jaw development, tooth position, and other dental-facial structures.
  • Prepare diagnostic and treatment records.
  • Adjust dental appliances periodically in order to produce and maintain normal function.
  • Provide patients with proposed treatment plans and cost estimates.
  • Instruct dental assistants in orthodontic procedures and techniques.
  • Design and fabricate appliances, such as space maintainers, retainers, and labial and lingual arch wires
  • Encourage best utilization of clinic staff in all clinical procedures with consideration of the extent of the team member’s training and ability, and in compliance with the Rules and Regulations of the Dental Practice Act of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
  • Cooperate and assist the PLLC with its compliance to federal, state and municipal laws, rules and regulations, including assistance in any investigation regarding employment laws or practice of dentistry
  • Assist in the training and development of dental assistants, and help in improving quality and efficiency of clinic operations
  • Ensure that patient flow is smooth and prudent
  • Exhibit positive, responsible and professional leadership at all times, helping to create a great work environment for the clinic team
  • Strive for the highest standards of care, professionalism and respect with each patient at each visit in order to ensure positive patient experiences
  • Provide Clinic Coordinator and Clinic Manager with any support they may need in communicating requirements to the clinic team, including mentoring and training team members in order to ensure exceptional patient care
  • Monitors equipment to ensure it is in good working condition and immediately reports any concerns to the Regional Dental Director and Clinic Manager
  • Audits dental patient records to ensure all records are completed and maintained in compliance with the Rules and Regulations of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
  • Follow the PLLC’s existing protocols, policies and procedures regarding dental administrative duties and apply them when performing all duties, including, but not limited to following all protocols, policies and procedures outlined in the PLLC Team Member Handbook
  • Engage with best efforts and devote full working time, attention, skills and energies to the advancement of the interests of the PLLC and the patients of the PLLC
  • Maintain a professional attitude and demeanor regarding the PLLC and the clinic as well as the PLLC’s patients and management
  • Adhere to work schedule, working a minimum of three days per week/eight hours per day, and devoting as much additional time need to ensure fulfillment of duties and exceptional patient care
  • Maintain a professional attitude and demeanor regarding the PLLC, the PLLC’s management and patients
  • Other responsibilities as apparent or assigned
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