Highly Profitable Stockton, CA Practice On Sale

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Highly Profitable Stockton, CA Practice On Sale
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Stockton, California, US
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2021- As of 9/2021, Projected 2021 collection: $820,000

2020: Gross collection of $804,178 & adjustable net profit is about $650,000*
(*This practice was completely Shut down from 3/23/20 to 5/18/20 because of COVID 19 pandemic. Adjustable net profit from operations was about $524,000. Total $650,000 adjustable profit does include government/local grant)

2019: Gross collection of $698,348 & adjustable net profit over $400,000

2018: April to Dec 2018*: Gross collection of $229,380* & adjustable net profit around $50,000*

(*This practice was taken over as turnkey office/leasehold improvements and started from scratch in April,2018 with brand new equipments. Seller did not work in the practice during almost entire month of September,2018 due to personal/family reason)

For further interest to know about this opportunity please visit https://95210dds.wixsite.com/95210dds

Thank you for your interest in owning this highly profitable practice!

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