3DBioCAD TrumillX250

USED - LIKE NEW 3D BioCAD TruMill X250 Milling Machine

Designed to streamline the production process, the Trumill X250

features 5-axis simultaneous machining capability. Ideal for

milling Zirconia, WAX, PMMA, Emax and Premilled Ti-blanks.


• 10-station Automatic Tool Changer

• Hyperdent CAM software is included

• Accuracy: ±5 micron accuracy

• 2 premilled blank fixture in built in

• Spindle: SycoTec (German) with 80,000rpm

• Spindle Power: AC 0.5kw

• 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (Except Spindle)

• Spindle has 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

• Touch Screen Computer

• Machine size: 545×590×680mm (21×23×26inch)

• Table size: 545×590×950mm (21×23×37inch)

• Machine weight: 100Kg (220Ib)

• Table weight: 60Kg (132Ib)

• Wet / Wet milling process. In case for dry milling, vacuum is


• Air Compressor: 0.65 MPA or 90 PSI Required

• LAN cable is required

• 110V power is required


   *Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance costs

Selling Price:
$20,000.00 OBO
Bootway Dental
Posted By: 
 West Chester, Pennsylvania, US
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