GP Office For Sale in Albemarle, NC

We have a good practice about 1 hour north of Charlotte, NC.

This is an established General practice on a main road. There has been a dentists in this location for many years.

The current dentist would like to transition out due to heal concerns.

The practice has 1 Assistant- 2 Hygienist and 1 Front Desk.

The real estate is a stand alone building that is 2,200 sq feet and is for sale as well.

The office is paperless but lacks a lot of the most recent technology.

This is primarily a bread and butter practice and offers growth opportunities to dentists who do more "speciality" work and refer out less. We are in network with insurances and collect $900,000 per year

A well established practice on a main road. 5 plumbed operatories with 1 additional. We have a lot of unmet needs as we refer out most procedures. We desire to transition due to health reasons.
Strengths: Well established - good patient base
Challenges: Need to incorporate new procedures and technology
Opportunities: A new dentists that offers more procedures and has more energy 

 North Carolina, US
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