Get the Best Start with Dentaltown

Get the Best Start with Dentaltown 

The largest online resource for dental students and new dentists

Your dental journey may be just getting started, but you don’t have to go it alone!

Register for your free account and join more than 260,000 registered dental professionals on Dentaltown, where you can find information and talk about what to expect after graduation and in your first years of dentistry—how to handle the everyday troubles faced in a dental practice, what to look for when applying for jobs, recommended root canal techniques, even your last CrossFit workout. Many members who meet on Dentaltown become lifelong friends—and enjoy the benefits of being a “Townie.” Some of those benefits include:

Private message boards
Dental students can hop onto the dental student and resident forums to discuss dental school, passing the boards or choosing residencies. And all our verified members can peruse and learn from the latest active cases shared by clinical members of the Dentaltown community, browse the day’s most active topics, or search by subject to stay current with everything dentistry.

Free monthly magazine
When registering, be sure to also select “Subscribe to Magazine” so you can receive a new issue of Dentaltown magazine every month! Each issue contains articles on patient case studies, dental industry news and opinion columns, and features that delve into general dentistry as well as major specialties such as endodontics and pediatric dentistry.

Free online CE for students
Browse industry-leading educational courses from the industry’s top speakers. Dentaltown offers more than 500 online continuing education courses, and more than 200 of them are free to view for students.

Job listings

Browse Dentaltown classifieds to find job opportunities after graduation.

Mobile app

Our iOS and Android apps allow you to access everything Dentaltown on the go.

Industry podcasts

Browse thousands of dental podcast episodes to learn about procedures, practice management and more.

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