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Sharpen Your Performance - True Edge Dental Insights
Delivering insights on chair-side best practices, dental instrument maintenance, practice promotion, and patient relationship building. Sharing my experiences and passing on advice gained in over 30 years as a Periodontist and dental practice owner.
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Curette Sharpened To Sickle ScalerI like to keep it simple. I don’t use sickle scalers. I can’tremember the last time I used one, especially in a posterior area. Iused a universal curette, a University of California 5/6 (virtually thesame as the Columbia 4R/4L)* and the ever so...  Read More
Dental Industry Truth, Hyperbole, and Responsible PublishingThere is an old saying in the academic world, “publish or perish”.There is a much more current saying in the tech world, “garbage in,garbage out”. They both are true and, unfortunately, pertain to much ofour...  Read More
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Never Sharpen Curettes and Scalers – Too Good To Be True? I’m sure you have heard the claim from some instrument manufacturesthat they now can produce scalers and curettes that never needsharpening. When you take a moment to think about this is it possiblytrue? I tend to doubt it. Come...  Read More
Over the years I have emphasized the importance of using sharpscalers and curettes. With sharp instruments you scale and root planebetter, you work faster, you are more efficient, and your procedure ismore comfortable for you and dental patient care improves.I’ve talked indirectly about the...  Read More
Addressing Bad Dental HabitsThis blog is a follow up to Parts 1 and 2, which are based on an article on that discusses bad dental habits to avoid.We’re moving into the cold and flu season. Many of us will be seekingrelief of a sore throat and coughing. Do yourself and your patients afavor...  Read More
Cheers For The Floss ControversyA few days ago I wrote a blog about the recent Associated Pressreport indicating that insufficient research data exists to support theeffectiveness of using dental floss. Because of this, the government hasremoved flossing from its Dietary Guidelines.The...  Read More
Should You Floss?Much of the dental community is upset about the recent Associated Press report questioning the efficacy of flossing. Is the a disservice or a blessing in disguise? I choose to look at it as ablessing. What else could possibly bring flossing into the forefront ofthe social media...  Read More
My Turn Being a Dental Implant PatientRecently, I had the experience of being a dental implant patient.Sure, I’ve had regular prophies over the years but have not needed anyrestorative treatment for some time. Many years ago I had an asymptomatic periapical lesion involvingtooth #23. Endo was...  Read More
Addressing Bad Dental HabitsThis blog is a follow up to Part 1, which is based on an article on that discusses bad dental habits to avoid.We’re in the heart of the summer season when barbecuing and snackingare enjoyed by many. These activities present challenges to maintainingdental health...  Read More
How Coarse Should Your Dental Instrument Sharpener Be?Last time we discussed how the hardness of the dental instrumentsharpener affects its performance. Now let’s discuss the grit. Thecoarser the grit, the faster the stone sharpens. The coarser the grit,the more imperfect the sharpened edge...  Read More
The Ideal Dental Instrument SharpenerI started a series with my last blog about the properties of theideal hand sharpener. I discussed the hardness of the sharpener and itsability to break down during use. This controlled wearing down of thesharpener creates a fresh sharpening surface for each...  Read More
How To Avoid “Loading”There are several properties to look for in a dental instrumentsharpener that help make the sharpening task simple and efficient. Oneis the sharpeners tendency to resist a phenomenon called “Loading”. Youmay have experienced this. Have you used a new...  Read More
Addressing Bad Dental HabitsI’m always on the lookout for dental health info to share with dental professionals. I came across an article on on bad dental habits to avoid.The article got me thinking of conversations I’ve had with patientsover the years and what dental hygienists may be...  Read More
Is There A Place For Antibiotics In Periodontal Therapy?The answer is yes but not early in treatment. What I mean is thatantibiotics are not a solution for incomplete or inappropriatetreatment. Antibiotics are more of, for lack of a better term, a lastresort.There are no short cuts to an...  Read More
Is There An Acceptable Level Of Plaque Control?What level of plaque control can we accept from our patients? Thesimple answer is – the best they are willing to perform. What is theminimal level of plaque control needed to control disease? The answer is– it depends. It depends on...  Read More
Questions To Ask In Periodontal Treatment PlanningUp to this point I have posted several blogs concerning theperiodontal assessment. We’ve talked about periodontal charting, theevaluation of radiographs, the assessment of local factors, etc. I liketo refer to the accumulation of this...  Read More
Periodontal Evaluation – Inflammation ManagementOur periodontal evaluation needs to include an evaluation of theinflammatory response. This is an interesting subject becauseinflammation is both good and bad. Inflammation can martial the forces,so to speak, that attack and destroy invading...  Read More
Analyze The Attached GingivaA periodontal examination includes evaluation of the attachedgingiva. Is the attached gingiva adequate in quantity and quality? Theamount of attached gingiva necessary to maintain periodontal health hasbeen debated. From a practical perspective, the attached gingiva...  Read More
Radiograph Analysis In A Periodontal SettingPeriapical and bitewing radiographs provide a wealth of informationabout the patient’s dental condition. They are indispensable fordiagnosis and treatment planning. They are indicative of the patientstatus at the time they were taken. Radiograph...  Read More
Periodontal Care Is All About DocumentationWe’ve gone through a series dealing with the periodontal evaluation.Of course, we next need to formulate a diagnosis and proceed withappropriate treatment. When all is said and done, the patient is thenplaced in a maintenance program where his/her...  Read More
Periodontal Charting – It’s Not Just Pocket DepthWhen we talk about periodontal charting we think pocket depth.Pocket depth is an important part of the periodontal exam but it’sobviously not everything. In fact, as a stand alone diagnostic, it’salmost meaningless. Why do I...  Read More
Evaluate Tooth MobilityTooth mobility needs to be considered when evaluating the treatmentand care of a periodontal patient. Why? Because untreated mobility canhave negative consequences for healing, especially if a regenerationprocedure is planned. Other more obvious sequela of mobile teeth...  Read More
Analyze The FurcationsWe are in a series discussing the key elements of a periodontalevaluation. My last blog touched on the importance of evaluating notonly the quantity, but also the quality of calculus. Now, let’s move onto another important finding, furcation involvement.The degree of...  Read More
Analyze The CalculusIn a previous blog I mentioned three important examination findingsthat play an integral part in a periodontal evaluation and thedevelopment of a treatment plan. One is an assessment of the calculus.There are two things you need to know about the calculus. First is todetermine...  Read More
Periodontal Examination Information You Must HaveIn the past, I have mentioned what I feel are the most importantexamination findings of a periodontal examination from a treatmentplanning perspective. In my opinion they are:1. A determination of the quality of the calculus2. A determination of the...  Read More
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