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I am seeking to purchase an established general private practice on Long Island (Suffolk County or Eastern Nassau County). I graduated BU Dental...
 New York, US
 4 days ago
It looks like Renew digital is the ideal choice for used CBCT's but I am looking to see if any dentists are trying to offload any they might have...
 Florida, US
 4 days ago
PRIME exits & American Healthcare Capital has several strong and active buyers looking to acquire or partner with dental laboratories to scale...
 Las Vegas, NV
 8 days ago
Looking to buy a practice in Houston, Tx General dentist do all bread and butter dentistry, root canals and surgical extractions Pre-approved by the...
 Houston , TX
 19 days ago
Hey guys, Looking to purchase a dental office practice around north, east and south of tampa, wesley chapel, lutz, land o lakes,...
 tampa and surrounding area , FL
 26 days ago
Hello Dental Town, I am a young dentist open to any transition opportunity. I currently practice in Tampa and am looking to make the next step in...
 Tampa, FL
 26 days ago
Sally Gross, Member Services Specialist
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