The Practice Buyer's Corner - Random Musings from the Buy-Side
The Practice Buyer's Corner - Random Musings from the Buy-Side
The purpose of this blog is to share current, real world, experiences on the topics of practice valuation, practice transition, retirement planning, and building equity value - over time - in your dental practice.
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Good morning fellow Townies! Just got back from the AAO event in Los Angeles and met with many fantastic practice owners and transition advisors.  Great event! A recurring topic of conversation was around the term "EBITDA" and what that represents in the context of a given practice's financial...  Read More
Hey Townies, So, after spending ~3 years in the behavioral health field I'm excited to be back in the dental industry.  Feels good. Please LMK if there are any particular topics you'd be interested in discussing here - practice valuations, transitions, partnerships, associateships, JV structures,...  Read More
Wow, late July already. I hope everyone has had a successful start to 2015 and is enjoying their summers thus far. I wanted to share some talks given recently at the . Speakers included DSO operators large and small, industry consultants, leading vendors, and many highly experienced doctors,...  Read More
Fellow Townies, 2014 has been a remarkably unremarkable year in many ways. A solid but resoundingly average year. Known challenges still abound - declining insurance reimbursement rates and ever increasing overhead costs. What challenges are folks not aware of and/or intentionally ignoring? ...  Read More
So, you're in the process of selling your practice? You may be receiving written offers with various titles - term sheet, proposal, Letter of Intent, etc. Which of these documents are substantive and which terms are legally binding if you execute the document? It is very easy to get confused. ...  Read More
For those who are not already subscribers to our newsletters, you can download our current white paper on practice transitions .  Read More
To be honest, I've been a derelict blogger of late. This blog has not been kept up as much as I'd like it to be. Looking back, I've noticed several posts have received a surprising number of views but with little or no feedback. I doubt this is because my posts are profoundly overwhelming or...  Read More
Soooo... You've got a friend, classmate, or personal doctor reference that is seeking to "share" practice space but maintain two or more legally independent practices under a common roof? This may look flexible, inexpensive, and/or easy but you really need to invest the time to think through the...  Read More
As a new grad, transition doctor, or established private practitioner you are most likely bombarded by a wide variety of vendors seeking to offer advice. These advisors can come from many fronts - dental school instructors, mentor dentists, supply and equipment vendors, practice lenders, dental...  Read More
Fellow Townies, First and foremost, we hope that 2013 treated your families and practices incredibly well. From our vantage point it was a peculiar year. We had the opportunity to review more practice transitions than ever but the outcome was skewed by a generally down year for most sellers -...  Read More
Fellow Townies, First and foremost, we hope 2013 has treated your families and practices as scrumptiously well as possible! It's been an odd year. 2012 was killer busy - election year, patient flow metrics, Tx plan acceptance, blah, blah, blah. 2013 seems to be a photo negative - at least as it...  Read More
Apparently not here in the Twin Cities...stepping into record high temps this week...ugh! Not sure what is in the water here in 2013 but we've encountered innumerable transition scenarios presenting challenges as it relates to existing, established associates. Common themes include, but are not...  Read More
Hopefully you all had a fun safe 4th and are focused on finished 2013 in strong form! This post is an open invitation to ping me Alex Trebek style about all things transition-related. I will then try my best to answer in the form of a (most likely run-on) question. Extra points for...  Read More
First, happy 4th of July week everyone! We've got incredible weather here in Minneapolis (for once!). Hope you and your loved ones can enjoy some time off. We wanted to share this post due to several recent encounters with multi-doctor practices where there was a solo owner and one or more...  Read More
Inasmuch as it may seem like there is a groundswell of dental "groups", dentists of all ages looking to buy/own/grow their own practices should be viewing the prospective wave of Boomer retirees as a net-positive on every level. Yes, the economy has been poor. Yes, school-related debt is as high...  Read More
As a follow up to my post regarding the next most influential factor on practice valuation is non-real estate overhead - i.e. your staffing, lab, and supply choices. Common Topics: Tenured Staff - It is not unusual to encounter practices with highly tenured staff that have received fixed wage...  Read More
The most common industry vernacular for expressing the valuation of a dental practice is as a percentage of annual receipts (collections) - e.g. "...I sold my practice for XX% of my receipts for the last twelve months..." Now, inasmuch as this is the long-standing tradition of discussing...  Read More
We get it - doctors like technology! That being said, there is a not so delicate balance between equipment decisions and the valuation of a practice. Items to consider: - One of the common misconceptions is that building a practice awash in high-buck technology - e.g. CAD/CAM, cone beams,...  Read More
For many doctors, owning your own real estate can be an effective tax strategy over the arc of a career. That being said, we encounter an endless number of practices involving owner-occupied real estate that becomes a stumbling block upon transition or retirement. Items to consider: -...  Read More
Having analyzed countless dental practices, the most common theme among the more "challenging" valuation discussions we encounter is the relative impact of real estate decisions on practice valuation. Location and visibility, while very important, aren't often nearly as important as making the...  Read More
To Blog, or Not To Blog
This post is hopefully the first of many. Most doctors are involved in a practice sale (transition) maybe once or twice in their careers. We do it daily. The purpose of this blog is to share hard won, real world experiences - good and bad - with solo practitioners for purposes of assisting...  Read More
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