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The 5 Reasons Why Dental Membership Programs Work
What is a Dental Wellness Membership Plan?Anin-house dental wellness membership plans allows patients to purchase a“membership” to a specific dental practice that provides all of theirpreventive wellness care needs, such as professional dental cleanings,dentist exams, required x-rays,...  Read More
S. Mutans vaccination, will it work?
C3 Jian, Inc., a private company focused on providing improvedoral healthcare, announced today that it has successfully completed theinitial Phase 2 Clinical Trial for its novel drug, C16G2. The Company’sdrug targets the specific elimination of Streptococcus mutans, the acidproducing...  Read More
Innovative Service Helps Dentists Reach 40% of Uninsured Americans
A staggering 85.9% of from the Department of Healthand Human Services shows of the Of the 8,019,736 people who havepurchased benefits through the Affordable Care Act, only 1,129,739 havepurchased dental benefits. At the same time, the states dental problems account for 164 million hours of missed...  Read More
How are dental professionals using the CariScreen test on a daily basis?Restorative UrgencyWhen patients present with current decay, the dental team willdevelop a restorative treatment plan specific to the patient. Dependingon dental benefits and the cost of the restorative procedures, manypatients...  Read More
Dr. Kutsch Reviews the New ADA Fluoride Recommendations in JADA
Read more at this !I get a lot of questions from practitioners every time newrecommendations are published. With the publishing of new information inthe November issue of JADA, I wanted to address some of those questionshere.The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs convened a panel of experts...  Read More
Last week we asked you whatyou thought about ‘watching’ as a diagnosis. If you missed it- gocheck out the expert opinions. Today we hear from Dr. V. Kim Kutsch onthe topic. To watch, or not to watch…that is the questionOne of the bigger challenges we face in dentistry is making...  Read More
Dr. Doug Thompson shares his perio protocol. An interview.
We had the great privilege to sit down and discuss a groundbreaking Personalized Periodontal Medicine approach that is taken at .Q: Dr. Thompson, why did you decide to start using the in your Personalized Periodontal Medicine protocol? What is it doing for you?A: Dr. Kutsch introduced the product...  Read More
Is CAMBRA being taught in Dental Schools? Hear from UNC!
School is back in session! Mostdental schools (if not all) teach CAMBRA protocols to students in somefashion. In this series Dr. Scott Eidson, Group Clinic Director at theUniversity of North Carolina School of Dentistry, provides an insider’slook into how UNC is teaching CAMBRA to the future...  Read More
CAMBRA Catches Fire! Literally... Dr. Joe D’Alesio
We were recently made aware of a fantastic video posted to Dr. Joe D’Alesio’s andwere given permission to repost it here. We wanted to share thisbright spot in order to show a creative way to bring education to yourpatient base about CAMBRA. Dr. Joe D’Alesio backs up his...  Read More
A Fighting Chance... an amazing CAMBRA dental story.
The below patient story comes from Dr. Michael McClure, see his first post A new patient presented to my office for evaluation for implantrestorations. She had consulted with a surgeon to have three teethextracted and implants placed. The first thing she said to me :“I don’t want to...  Read More
Tooth decay is out of control. We are not okay with that. This series:ismeant to provide a clearer and more comprehensive view of how CAMBRAoperates day to day all over the country. Each snapshot will highlightboth the logistical processes of CAMBRA as well as the motivation behindits...  Read More
UPDATE: CariFree will be hostingfree 45-minute interactive live webinars to walk through how toimplement a systematic caries risk assessment protocol, chair-sidebiofilm bacterial testing and therapy options to help GET and KEEPpatients CARIES FREE! We’d love to have you join in on one of...  Read More
What is the real ROI of performing CAMBRA?
One of the most common concerns with implementing CAMBRA in privatepractice is the perceived lack of ROI. CAMBRA is seen as time consumingin the appointment andmostpreventive dental practices that sell professional dental products earnless than 1% of their annual revenue from product sales. Today,...  Read More
The Future of CAMBRA with Debi Gerger
Debi Gerger, Dean of Dental Hygiene at West CoastUniversity talks about how CAMBRA is being taught to hygiene students,she also provides insight into WHY (see article links below) CAMBRA isan essential part of the University’s mission.Q: How is Caries Management by Risk Assessment currently...  Read More
How his CAMBRA program impacted his practice, an interview with Dr. Jack Stellpflug
See the first part of his series Q: What (if anything) has improved in your practice/business because of your CAMBRA system?I’ll be very honest in responding this question!CAMBRAis an anathema to the business ofrestorativedentistry!! We dofarless operative dentistry than in years past. When...  Read More
"WHY" do CAMBRA? An Interview with Dr. Doug Young
Q: What is your "Why"?A: The simple answer would be- why don’t you treat all patients theway you want to be treated? If you know drilling teeth alone is doingnothing to solve the disease, then anything you do to treat disease isbetter than doing nothing. To me there is a lot we can do now;...  Read More
Game Changer – ADA approves 3 New CAMBRA CDT Codes
Big changes are coming for dental practices performing CAriesManagement By Risk Assessment (CAMBRA). After extensive review by theAmerican Dental Association and the CDT (Current Dental Terminology)Code Committee, 3 new CAMBRA codes will be introduced in the 2014codebook!Once these codes become...  Read More
Dr. John Featherstone is offering a free massive open online course on CAMBRA through UCSF!! Check it out!
UCSF Dentistry Dean John D.B. Featherstone, MSc, PhD, leads a newCAMBRA-themed MOOC (massive open online course) on Coursera, offeringdental professionals and non-professionals alike access tothe"scientific basis for caries (dental decay) risk assessment andpractice interventions," acccording to...  Read More
Behind the Scenes Q&A with Dr. Jack Stellpflug on his Caries Management Program
Tooth decay is out of control. We are not okay with that. This series:CAMBRA Behind the Scenesismeant to provide a clearer and more comprehensive view of how CAMBRAoperates day to day all over the country. Each snapshot will highlightboth the logistical processes of CAMBRA as well as the motivation...  Read More
Dr. V Kim Kutsch Opinion: The Systemic Theory of Dental Caries
Southward K.Gen Dent. 2011 Sep-Oct;59(5):367-73; quiz 374-5This is a very interesting theoretical article. The question it looksat is does dental caries occur locally in the tooth from an externalacid dissolution (outside-in),or does it occur as a result of internalinflammation (inside-out)? The...  Read More

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