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Remodeling so have chairs, lights, 12o’clock, delivery units etc for sale.
$1,000.00 OBO
 North Ogden, UT
 1 day ago
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Dental chair and delivery system with cabinet, x-ray unit and light for sale. All equipment in good working condition. Additional equipment for sale...
 Silver Spring, MD
 20 days ago
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If you feel you deserve to work with high quality equipment and want to look and be better than the competition, consider these very lightly...
 Boise, ID
 20 days ago
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For Sale are 8 Adec 511 Dental Chairs with doctor and assistant delivery and light. With Adec being 7 to 8 months from delivery of new chairs,...
$15,000.00 Ea
 Tempe, AZ
 20 days ago
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********************************LIQUIDATION SALE KERN COUNTY************************** DENTAL CHAIRS - BELMONT & ROYAL MODELS - EXCELLENT LEATHER...
$1,999.00 upwards
 Bakersfield, CA
 21 days ago
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All 3 chairs match. 4 matching operator stools still available, at $100 per stool. 1 set of 2, straight, IV armboards available. 2 sets of 2,...
$10,000.00 OBO, plus shipping
 Joplin & Camdenton, MO
 25 days ago
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Both chairs match and come with a matching, Brewer, operator stool, as well as a matching, Brewer, assistant's chair with swing arm. All of this Adec...
$4,500.00 OBO, plus shipping
 Joplin, , MO
 25 days ago
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