Dental All-Stars
Dental All-Stars
Dental All-Stars is a business and practice management podcast for Dentists looking to improve their profitability and mindset. Guests include top experts in dentistry!
Shelly VanEpps

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Emotional Exam Part 3 Vickery    Read More
Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel VanEpps    Read More
Emotional Exam Part 2 with Eric Vickery
Emotional Exam Part 2 Vickery   Read More
Emotional Exam Part 1 with Eric Vickery
Emotional Exam Part 1 Vickery   Read More
“Sell” the Condition with Eric Vickery
  Sell the condition Vickery    Read More
Phone Skills Bootcamp with Heather Nottingham
Phone Skills Bootcamp Heather    Read More
New Patient Phone Call Success with Eric Vickery
New Patient Call Success Vickery    Read More
Asking Questions with Eric Vickery
Asking Questions Vickery    Read More
Personal Growth Precedes Professional Growth with Paula Harriss
Personal Growth Precedes Professional Harriss    Read More
Obstacles to Growth with Eric Vickery
Obstacles to Growth Vickery    Read More
Motivation & Inspiration with Dr. Paul Etchison
Motivation & Inspiration Etchison    Read More
Killer Words with Eric Vickery
Killer Words Vickery    Read More
Bonus Systems with Alan Twigg
Bonus Systems Twigg    Read More
Crucial Conversations with Eric Vickery
Crucial Conversations Vickery    Read More
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