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12 Best Practices to Implement in 2022
Here are the 12 Best Practices Sandy discusses with detail:     Look back at 2021 and review it. What worked well and what didn’t work.     Keep score.     Sharpen your skills. Take CE. Implement it. (Edit the part out where she repeats it)     Zest up your office. Redo your office, but take a...  Read More
Top 10 Human Resources Mistakes
HR issues are probably the thing Sandy Pardue hears the most about when consulting with practices. Therefore in this episode she breaks down the top 10 HR mistakes she has seen, heard, and witnessed. She also gives us the solution for each mistake. Listen closely, more than likely you have either...  Read More
Top 5 Ways to Increase Hygiene Profitability
Sandy Pardue gives us a list of 5 things we need to review ASAP to make sure we are getting the absolute most out of our hygiene department. 1. Learn what procedures are not being performed. 2. Set goals JUST for your hygienist 3. Learn how to pay your hygienist  4. Do a "Hygiene Bonus" 5. Have...  Read More
The Perfect Verbal Skills to Get 5 Star Reviews
In this episode Sandy Pardue let's us know how there is so much more that happens besides just "asking" for a review... and sometimes we don't even ask! So  in this episodes we break down the steps. A couple things you want to do is: Boost the confidence of your team. Make sure your employees are...  Read More
  Here are a couple things you want to do: You need a time clock software. (Sandy recommends a software) Don’t give everyone access to change their time clock. Create a policy, and be super specific in this policy. (Sandy gives us great examples). What to say if someone still violates the policy?...  Read More
The last thing you want to do in 2022 is play catch up or start off slow. And you especially don't want your team knowing or feeling it is slow! We discuss: 1.Invest 139 dollars in a book called: National Dental Advisory Service.  2.Keep educating patients. Most practices have another practice...  Read More
Should You Charge Existing Patients for Broken Appointments?
This was a VERY hot topic so  and I decided to dive further into it and even provide you with scripts and cancellation policies to format and say. However, we need to understand that broken appointments WILL happen but it should not be the norm. We need to also understand that charging patients...  Read More
Ground Marketing with Michael Arias
The Ground Marketing Guy, Michael Arias Sandy Pardue and Dana Salisbury met up with Michael Arias to discuss how he helps dentists with ground marketing. As an added bonus, Dana recites a Shel Silverstein poem from memory, learned as a child. You'll want to hear this - check it out and subscribe...  Read More
Building Your Dream Practice, Part 1
Sandy Pardue and Robert Westerman, DDS discuss what it takes to build the dental practice of your dreams in Part 1 of this multi-part podcast series. The Practice of Your Dreams   Read More
Sandy Pardue & Mark Dilatush of NPI
Sandy Pardue and Mark Dilatush w/ NPI   Read More
A Practice Management Talk w/ Sandy Pardue, Ep. 2
A Practice Management Talk w/ Sandy Pardue, Ep. 2   Read More
A Practice Management Talk w/ Sandy Pardue, Ep. 1
                                                                                                   A Practice Management Talk w/ Sandy Pardue, Ep. 1                                       Sandy Pardue of Classic Practice Resources discusses the issues facing dental practices today.  Read More
Consultant Tip: Calling to Schedule Recall Appointments
Once you have the patient (or parent) on the phone, set an appointment. Briefly, the sequence for recall dialogue is: 1. Get the patient or parent on the line. 2. In a cheerful, pleasant manner, identify yourself and the office: "Hello, Mr. Jones, this is _______ from Dr. Goodtooth's office!" 3....  Read More
Consultant Tip: Ask the Right Kind of Questions When Scheduling
. 1. As a first or opening question, use one to which the person will readily agree, such as these: "You do want to be put on recall, don’t you?" 2. Then ask follow-up questions that will give you the result you want. By doing this, the patient draws the conclusion which they cannot...  Read More
Consultant Tip: The Attitude of the Scheduler
1. Be optimistic; expect to succeed on every call. Decide you have already succeeded on each call. It works! 2. Be calm, confident and feel good about what you are doing. 3. Your honesty and integrity are easily perceived by the patients and are effective in getting them to follow your...  Read More
If you have a staff problem, it turns into a system problem. And vise versa. If you have a training problem there’s a good chance it will turn into a staff problem. Now, you have two things you have to handle. And very often, you have three things to handle— The Staff Infection,...  Read More
10 Actions for Increasing Treatment Acceptance Are you seeing the backs of a lot of patients’ heads? Are patients needing treatment and not accepting what you are proposing? The reality is that treatment...  Read More
There are many things a hygienist can do to increase personal production. I highly recommend that you generate and print a report from your software showing the procedures and production by individual code. Do this for each hygiene provider in the practice. Look at the procedure counts for the...  Read More
Hello Townies! I have prepared a page on our website for Townies to have access to my blog posts, various articles and practice management tools. I'll be adding more as time goes on. You can access our Townie Resource Page If there is something you don't see that you'd like, please don't...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Sure-Fire Ways to Grow Your Practice
There is a strong leader and a solid ethical team. Patients are thanked for referring others to the practice. They are organized and have real-world systems that give predictability to their schedule. Duties are divided and staff know what they are responsible for. All...  Read More
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