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Classified Ad Pricing By Category
Once each ad is posted it will then expire in 1 month.
For Sale - Dental Equipment $8.00
For Sale - Miscellaneous $8.00
For Sale - Practice $15.00
For Sale - Office Space $15.00
For Lease - Office Space $10.00
Jobs Available $5.00
Partnership Opportunities $10.00
Seeking Dental Supplies $0.00
Seeking Employment $0.00
Seeking to Purchase $0.00
Bulk Purchase Program:
Buying in bulk provides you a discount and allows you to use your credit block of ads when you want to (no time limit on posting the ad credits). Once each ad is posted it will then expire in 30 days.
Block of 10 20 % off
Block of 20 25 % off
Block of 30 30 % off
Block of 40 35 % off
Block of 50 40 % off
Purchase Ad Credits Here
Corporate Program:
This program is only offered to those purchasing more than 50 ads. The flat monthly rates are shown below. The block of ads purchased will be under one account with the ability for multiple reps or member accounts to utilize the ads credits under the corporate account. These ad credits will only be available for 1 month, at which time a new block of ads will be charged with a credit card on file set up as an auto-renewal but can be cancelled at any time. Additional benefits of this program are a bulk upload feature as well as a dashboard showing ads posted each month per account/rep to assist with tracking and reporting. Please contact for more information.
Pricing Tiers:
Tier 1: 51 – 100 ads $650/mo
Tier 2: 101 – 150 ads $900/mo
Tier 3: 151 – 200 ads $1,150/mo
Tier 4: 201 – 250 ads $1,400/mo
Tier 5: Unlimited ads $2,000/mo
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