The Only Online Marketing Blog for Dentists You'll Need
The Only Online Marketing Blog for Dentists You'll Need
Do you want your practice to be more successful? To be seen as 'The' best in your area? Sure you do. But you'll never get there if people don't know how to find you. Sound familiar? We can help you be found.
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Ten of the Top Dental Inventory Management Software Programs Reviewed
Managing inventory at a dental office can mean the difference between blowing the budget and staying on budget. Waste, expired products, lack of product, or delayed product can all stall the progress of a busy dental clinic. Every dental office needs an inventory control system, and some offices...  Read More
19 Qualities & Habits of Successful Dentists
Dentistry isn’t an easy profession (DUH). You spend years and a fortune learning the craft, and it all pays off if you can build a successful career and a profitable practice. But here’s the truth: You can spend hours pondering how to be a successful dentist, but what really matters are the...  Read More
Why Dentists Should Be Using Direct Mail
Of all the different campaigns and strategies I teach, targeting new movers is by far the most under used one. There’s pure GOLD sitting there for many local businesses. And this is especially true for Dental Practices. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, nearly 40 million people move every year,...  Read More
Are Looks Most Important When it Comes to Websites?
Is your website helping you convert visitors into patients? If the answer is no, then it’s safe to say that web redesign should be on your radar. After all, your website should be optimally designed to help build and grow your practice. At Titan Web Agency, we get a lot of questions about dental...  Read More
How Should A Dentist Deal with Difficult Patients?
There are special challenges associated with being a dentist, and one of them is dealing with patients who aren’t happy to be at the dentist. Whether their  is caused by fear, pain, or financial stress, it can be difficult to break through their resistance and get them to trust you. At Titan Web...  Read More
10 Proven Strategies to Get Your Dental Patients to Refer Their Friends
Running a successful dental practice is difficult. The competition can be fierce. Dentists who own their own practices are often required to wear many hats in the course of a day. And with patient care a priority, it can be tough to find the time to do the work to attract new patients to your...  Read More
How to Do Social Media the Right Way: Dental Edition
How strong is your dental practice's social media game? Would you give yourself an A - or are you just scraping by with a passing grade? Regardless of your answer, there's probably room for improvement. Even if you're on top of things, you might be missing opportunities to make the most of your...  Read More
34 Qualities of the Best Websites for Dentists
Creating the  for your practice is easier said than done. You need to have an informative, yet engaging site that your patients and potential patients will love. It should cover a wide range of different things so that it meets the needs of your website visitors. Social media links, blog posts...  Read More
Tyson Downs, Founder of Titan Web Agency interviews CareDash CEO Ted Chan
In this blog post, Tyson Downs of Titan Web Agency interviews CareDash CEO, Ted Chan. CareDash is a healthcare website that helps connect patients with the best doctors in their area. Tell us about CareDash – why did you start it? What’s the inspiration for the site? The seed for  grew from a...  Read More
Dentists: 10 Amazingly Simple Ways To Increase Case Acceptance Rate
Whether you’ve just started a new practice or have been in the business for years, low patient acceptance rate is one of the most common issues a dentist faces. For the most part, the problem has nothing to do with you or your practice -- dental visits have been decreasing nationwide for years. In...  Read More
Are You Prioritizing the Patient in Front of You Over the Ringing Phone?
If you answered yes, it’s time to rethink your front office phone policy. You may be concerned that the caller will immediately launch into a lengthy description of their question or issue, once you pick up that call, but there are strategies to put in place to keep the incoming call brief, without...  Read More
A Comparison of 10 Call Tracking Solutions for Dentists
Running a dental practice requires patience, dedication, and commitment. You must manage your staff, provide high-quality care to your patients, and keep things running efficiently. One thing that can help you do that is . This software can help you manage your marketing campaigns and keep track of...  Read More
4 Reasons You Need to Migrate Your Site to SSL (and Need to Do It Now)
Your dental practice’s brand and reputation depend on having a strong and credible web presence. Your website is the hub. It’s where most people will find you online. A lot of what we do at Titan Web Agency relates to making our clients’  as informative, user-friendly, and trustworthy as possible....  Read More
Are You Making Post-op Phone Calls? Should You Be?
With dental practices popping up left and right, more dentists are asking us here at Titan Web Agency what they can do to increase patient loyalty. We like this topic because it’s something that dentists have complete control over, from  to when they leave after their appointment. One way you...  Read More
A Review of 10 Direct Mail Providers (Including Pricing)
As you probably already know, marketing your dental practice in today’s world requires digital marketing such as . However, that doesn’t mean you can neglect traditional print advertising. In particular, direct mail (specifically postcard marketing for dentists), is an inexpensive, high-ROI way to...  Read More
Ten of the Top Dental Inventory Management Software Programs Reviewed
Managing inventory at a dental office can mean the difference between blowing the budget and staying on budget. Waste, expired products, lack of product, or delayed product can all stall the progress of a busy dental clinic. Every dental office needs an inventory control system and some offices are...  Read More
Branding for Dental Professionals: A Guide to Naming Your Practice
Do you need to come up with a name for your dental practice? There might be more than one reason that you’d need to do it. For example, you might and need a new identity to make the practice your own. Or, you might be opening your own practice and wondering what to call it. Or perhaps you...  Read More
What The Best Google Dental Ads Have In Common
For any dentist looking to attract more new patients, using  is an absolute no-brainer. In this post, we will discuss Google AdWords. Increasingly, Google AdWords is a way to reach potential patients that  can’t touch. These ads are targeted not just by keyword but by location. There's basically no...  Read More
11 Proven Ways to Market Your Dental Practice in a Small Town
Is your dental practice is in a small town where everybody knows each other? You may think that means you don’t have to worry about marketing. Wrong. Marketing your dental practice is always important. Even if you have little competition, you can still do things to and create a strong brand....  Read More
The Missing Ingredient in Local Marketing for Your Dental Practice
You might think that if your dental practice has a great-looking website, attractive brochures, and a strong social media presence, you’re doing everything you can to market it. Think again. Local marketing isn’t just about your online presence and traditional marketing materials....  Read More
Dentists: How You Can Ask & Get More Patient Reviews
The chances are good that many of the new patients who book an appointment with you have read online reviews of your practice before they called you. In fact, about . It’s worth noting that consumers tend to as much as they would a personal recommendation from a friend. In other...  Read More
10 Steps To Creating An Awesome Dental Brochure
Are your printed marketing materials representing your dental practice well – or are they falling short of perfection? The chances are good that your brochures aren’t up to snuff. You may have put a great deal of time into creating them, but it’s not uncommon for dentists to have...  Read More
How You Can Choose the Best Keywords For Your Website
I'm sure you know that the dental industry is highly competitive. As of 2016, there were , a number that's only expected to grow. Sooooo, if you're a dentist, it's important to differentiate yourself from your competitors. One of the best ways to do that is to use the correct dental keywords to...  Read More
What to Understand About the Most Common SEO Problems & How to Spot Them
Let's face it, if you want to grow your dental practice, you need a strong online presence that’s aided by internet marketing for dentists. Think of your website as the online front door to your dental offices. To get more people to come through the doors, you need to improve your rankings in...  Read More
The Ultimate Guide to Review Management for Dentists
Let's face it, the internet has changed the way business is done, for better and for worse. But how so? One big way is that in the past, people searching for services used to grab the phone book, and scroll through the Yellow Pages or ask family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors for...  Read More
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