Frequently Asked Questions

Account Information
How do I reset my password?
How do I register?
How do I register for an additional Communities?
How do I update my account information?
How do I change my log in name? When I subscribed I didn't realize it would be posted.

Posting a Blog

How do I post a blog?
How do I edit my blog or blog posts?

Posting a Podcast

How do I post a podcast?
How do I edit my podcast?
Classified Ads
How do you view ads by category in the Classified Ads section?
How do I post a job listing / classified ad?
Message Boards

Posts and Topics

How Do I Reply to a Thread or Post?
How can I Post a Thread or Create a New Topic?
How to Upload an Image When Posting?
What is a pinned topic?
How Do I Post a Poll on the Message Boards?
How do I create a video or podcast topic?
How do I add a video or podcast inside a topic or reply?

Private Messages

How do I send a private message?


How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe to a Message Board thread?
I am automatically getting email from a message board...How do I deselect this option and get it to stop? Thanks!

User Profile

How to edit my Message Board profile?
Where is the link for uploading/changing avatars?
How do I add a picture to my profile?
How do I create an active clickable link in my signature?

Viewing Posts

Why can I access the posts on one community but not another community?
How do I view Today's Active Topics?
Message Boards - Private Groups

Guidelines and Tips for Running a Successful Group

Admin Guidelines
Removing Group Members
Group Life
Abusive, Harassing or Threatening Behavior

Help / FAQ / Groups

What is the difference between public and private groups?
How do I make a public group private? And vice-versa?
How are private groups administered?
Who can see the posts I make in a group?
How do I leave a group?
How do I delete a group?
How do I create a private group?
Online CE


How do I take an Online CE course?
How do I claim my CE credits and take the post test?
How do I get my CE Certificate?
How can I change my contact information or enter my AGD number to update my CE Certificates?
Are these credits valid for my state?
What is the difference between AGD and ADA credits and which ones should I use?
How do I print out a copy of my CE Certificate?

Troubleshooting CE Courses

I clicked “take course” on the CE Course information page and nothing happened OR my computer says it blocked a script or pop-up and the CE course won’t run.
I can’t hear any sound when viewing CE Course presentations.
My computer takes a long time to download the CE Course presentation slides and there are many interruptions during the webcast (the audio stops and starts). It takes me 2, 3 hours to view a course.
Why can’t I use the site with my Mac computer?
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