Ultradent Debuts Next Generation of Ultrapro Tx Prophylaxis Equipment Family

Posted: August 22, 2018
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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah—Ultradent Products recently announced the next generation of its Ultrapro Tx prophylaxis equipment family, including three new pieces: the Ultrapro Tx Air handpiece, the Ultrapro Tx Skini prophy angle, and the Ultrapro Tx Extra prophy angle.
Ultrapro Tx Air Handpiece
The Ultrapro Tx Air handpiece is designed to reduce hand and arm fatigue with its ergonomic, lightweight, aluminum design and 360° swivel. Its soft-start motor minimizes splatter and is vibration-free to maximize patient comfort as well. The handpiece safely performs prophylaxis by reducing friction and heat when polishing the patient’s teeth, allowing it to clean effectively while still protecting the enamel. Its universal e-type motor can be used with other attachments and nose cones, and it can be used with all disposable prophy angles for convenience.
Ultrapro Tx Skini Disposable Prophy Angle
The Ultrapro Tx Skini disposable prophy angle offers improved interproximal cleaning, internal blades to reduce splatter, and features a smooth, quiet gear design. Its ergonomic shape minimizes hand fatigue and, with a 20 percent shorter head and 25 percent slimmer neck, offers superior access and an unobstructed view for the clinician. The Skini DPA also offers optimal flare, as well as contra-angle and right-angle design options.
Ultrapro Tx Extra Disposable Prophy Angle
The Ultrapro Tx Extra disposable prophy angle features external ridges for improved interproximal cleaning and improved internal webbing for reduced splatter. Its ergonomic design and smooth, quiet gear function facilitate comfort for both the clinician and the patient. The disposable prophy angle also features optimal cup flare and is available with a tapered brush.
For more information, visit ultradent.com or call 800-552-5512.


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