Zyris Launching New Dental Retractor at Chicago Midwinter

Posted: January 25, 2024

Edited by Hygienetown staff

GOLETA, Calif.— The Zyris retractor has a single-use design made of a semi-flexible, biodegradable, and BPA-free polymer. The unique design of the Zyris dental retractor allows patients to close their mouths when needed while gentle tension makes it easy and comfortable to keep their mouth open and accessible during procedures.

Development of the retractor focused on the real everyday needs of dental clinicians, incorporating hands-on feedback at every stage of production. Leading to its innovative design that provides reduced hand and forearm fatigue for clinicians, quick adjustment tabs for better maneuverability, placement and reinsertion in just seconds. The Zyris retractor will have seamless integration with current tools, and a simple, one-size-fits-most design that accommodates the upper and lower lip frenulum and all arch sizes.

For more information, visit zyris.com or Chicago Midwinter Booth #3838.

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